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Flight 314 B. Savino (Perm)-DME (Moscow), Part 1 | Rating: 4.8! Amateur Video
flight on Tu-154 B-2 RA-85450 Perm airlines. Mounted a small filmets with the major phases of flight + musical accompaniment. You must download both parts and peresohranit with the extension *. rar Duration about 10 minutes. The first work, I hope like it.

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Видео Ту-154(59 files)
→ Filename: PolyotvMoskvu.part1.zip
→ Size: 78 125kb
→ Date: 9 years ago (20.03.2006 15:20 MSK)
→ Author: Габидуллин Ренат (renat)
→ Uploaded by: renat (uploaded 7 files)
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 180 time(s)
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9 years ago
 5  Liked it. And you can neskoleo voprosikov: 1.Kakaya a device error izm.skorosti? 2.Silno whether (as feelings) was loaded machine? 3. And what the wind was at Domodedovo?
Automated translation from Russian by Google

9 years ago
 5  Guys, thanks for the appreciation! On Monday vilozhu entire rough material.
Automated translation from Russian by Google

9 years ago
 4  Video was good, well done! Better it would be without music. And that could not enter the Flight Plan for Garmin? It would be much more interesting.
Automated translation from Russian by Google

9 years ago
 5  Just the class what they say! Priborchik super!
Automated translation from Russian by Google
Clean Sky

9 years ago
 5  Many thanks for a good video, but if, instead debila-lyagushonka were real sounds - this roller prices would not exist.
Automated translation from Russian by Google

9 years ago
 5  Renat, molodtsa! This five! IMHO it would be better without music
Automated translation from Russian by Google

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