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Tu-154B-2 Tatarstan RA-85412 and RA-85804 | Rating: 3.5! FS2004 AI Traffic Aircrafts

- Screenshot 2
Two liveried airline Tatarstan RA-85412 RA-85804 and AI-models for the Tu-154 SKJ v3

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АК Татарстан(5 files)
→ Filename: Tu-154B-2_Tatarstan.zip
→ Size: 535kb
→ Date: 10 years ago (25.01.2006 01:06 MSK)
→ Author: SKJ, Андрей Савинов aka Caramelis Rex
→ Uploaded by: Caramelis_Rex (uploaded 26 files)
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 624 time(s)
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10 years ago
 4  Guys, what fault is it?? The man did vyzh pryam near traf not scan, man made, use! Rejoice! My opinion .. But other times, too, do not relax ... and then the hides will do the emblem of the other AK model ... :) Thanks for the skin of Tatarstan;)
Automated translation from Russian by Google

10 years ago
specifically shas once again looked up the photo - the emblem is not on the ground:)
Automated translation from Russian by Google

10 years ago
With 804 characters to agree, but the situation was the emblem on the photo. And by the way, the livery model Victor mine (the author does not remember) the emblem is absolutely the same.
Automated translation from Russian by Google

10 years ago
 3  there are shortcomings on both skins, especially fonts (especially at 804) and the size and position of logo on the tail
Automated translation from Russian by Google

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