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Livery "CUBANA _ CU-T1254" for IL-96-300 v4 Kirill Konovalov. | Rating: 5! FS2004 Aircraft Liveries and Textures

- Screenshot 2
- Screenshot 3
Livery "CUBANA _ CU-T1254" for IL-96-300 by Kirill Konovalov. (Version of the v4). Model itself can be downloaded here http://il-96-dev-team.3dn.ru

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→ Filename: 33222-Il-96-300-Cubana-CU-T1254.zip
→ Size: 15 483kb
→ Date: 5 years ago (16.10.2010 01:58 MSK)
→ Author: VortexMX aka Игорь Дарашкевич
→ Uploaded by: (uploaded 44 files)
→ Approved by moderator: seric76
→ License: License file included in archive
→ Downloaded: 1126 time(s)
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4 years ago
Who can say exactly what you need to put in what order and what-have for the Sim this remarkable aircraft? All the pieces from there, from here .. Well laid out, that is, all the way!
Automated translation from Russian by Google

4 years ago
Что то не могу запустить вашу текстуру!
VortexMX (4 years ago): 1 - This configuration is designed for FS2004. 2 - you have to config the serial number of liveries that is not properly registered you spelled [fltsim.5] then [fltsim.0] [x.1] [x.2] ... Try to build the order is [Fltsim.0] [1] [2] [3] ... *(Google translated)
razrushailo (4 years ago): Oh! Thank you so much!
Ту154М 85123

5 years ago
 5  Hood. and now paintkit to him I want.:)
Automated translation from Russian by Google
Владимир Пахомов

5 years ago
 5  Put the model! [+2]
Automated translation from Russian by Google

5 years ago
 5  Waiting for a full pack model) [+7]
Automated translation from Russian by Google
KirillS (5 years ago): Subscribe. *(Google translated)
VortexMX (5 years ago): It is you best to contact the author of the model. *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  Cuba - my love! [+1]
Automated translation from Russian by Google

5 years ago
 5  Super thanks!
Automated translation from Russian by Google
Anthony (5 years ago): There are really small minor inaccuracies, let me say about them: on the engines of "Perm Motors" is written in English "Perm Motors", the inscription IL-96-300 blue, plus a front door sticker last year's anniversary of the Cubana airline in 1980 Años http://www .airliners.net/photo/Cubana/Ilyushin-Il-96-300/1672603/L / In general, all is not critical. :) *(Google translated)
VortexMX (5 years ago): At the expense of the sticker seems to me suck other photos http://www.airliners.net/photo/Cubana/Ilyushin-Il-96-300/1609078/L/ http://www.airliners.net/photo/Cubana/Ilyushin- Il-96-300/1604045/L / On the other agrees overlooked. =) *(Google translated)
Anthony (5 years ago): You just watched the photo a year ago, I discovered the extreme photo was taken in July this year. What about the sticker, then I think it will be removed soon because the anniversary of the Cubana has already passed. Inscription "The PS-90A" on the engines were originally, but later disappeared. http://www.airliners.net/photo/Cubana/Ilyushin-Il-96-300/1747646/L/ *(Google translated)
Anthony (5 years ago): I do not insist of course, but if the patches release thanks. :) *(Google translated)
VortexMX (5 years ago): I will try to do. *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  Great texture! [+2]
Automated translation from Russian by Google

5 years ago
 5  Thank you! 15 less than could be obtained.
Automated translation from Russian by Google
Ту154М 85123 (5 years ago): men, well, Cooperate, put the model here, you think so much fun to knock on faylopomoykam and Mail? *(Google translated)
qip88 (5 years ago): +1 *(Google translated)
kasser17 (5 years ago): but it is not illegal?? *(Google translated)
Ту154М 85123 (5 years ago): Duc I'm the author wrote .. *(Google translated)
SuVitalik (5 years ago): The model goes beyond the permissible. AVSIM not Pozvolet 290m / b. If only I could have laid out clearly Cyril here probably. *(Google translated)
VYLL (5 years ago): panel would be to model the normal .... [+2] *(Google translated)

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