This assembly includes all the liveries of TU-144 boards ever raised to the sky, as well as two visual models of Tu-144 but with the nozzles of the Tu-144S for the implementation of the Tu-144S and the Tu-144LL (Thanks Nikita Konstantinov aka konsni). All models have a new VC is the same as in the release version of Tu-144 v2.0. Also in the package are the effects of smoke and flames of engines for various modifications of the Tu-144. To install the required package installed liveries a release model Tu-144 V2.0 from Nikita Konstantinov. The model can be downloaded at the following link:​riginalnie-samoleti-40/tu-144d​-v2-0-34168.html description and installation instructions inside the archive. List of the board: The prototype Tu-144 w / o the USSR, 68 001 (In the absence of a visual model prototype model used by the serial car "C") Tu-144S-77 101 USSR USSR USSR-77 102-77 103 77 104 USSR-Soviet Union-USSR 77 106 -77 107 77 108 USSR, USSR-77 109 77 110 USSR, USSR-77 144 Tu-144-77 105 USSR USSR USSR-77 111-77 112 77 113 USSR, USSR-77 114 77 115 USSR-Tu-144LL (Formerly USSR-77 114). RA-77 114 RA-77 114 (Moscow).
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→ Author: Игорь Дарашкевич, Никита Константинов.
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Hey theres a way here in the future we can have this package for fsx too? whit the 3.5v? ~Anonymous~, 1 year ago, #
Thank you. Airis16, 7 years ago, #
Thank you very much, delve into the history of this aircraft with these livreykami! DownSet, 7 years ago, #
This is the second of the duplicate file's main distribution When sending a packet error has occurred and therefore had more time to fill in the file (this is because of this and there was given a duplicate). In addition to the main distribution package, I described the error and how to fix them. Please moderator, delete this hand (left main). VortexMX, 7 years ago, #
Thank you, great! Another would be this: The "Tu-144 - Sochi 2014» julsky, 7 years ago, #
Thank you so much! It is a pity of course that there is no visual model of the first Tu-144. Maybe someone someday will. For those who still remember 1968, it would be a gift. Karadag, 7 years ago, #

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