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SCS-Tu-134A | Rating: 4! FS2004 Aircraft Liveries and Textures
Texture Kolavia.Probnaja versija.Trebujut dorabotki.Po mere zainteresovanosti dovedu do ideala.

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SCS Ту-134(75 files)
→ Filename:
→ Size: 1 701kb
→ Date: 9 years ago (25.01.2007 13:26 MSK)
→ Author:
→ Uploaded by: Evald (uploaded 9 files)
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 314 time(s)
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9 years ago
Well there on account of refinement???? It would like to see it in the best !!!!!
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9 years ago
 3  White spot on the nose is probably an attempt to imitate the highlight? In vain, the situation on the sun in Sime is constantly changing and the remaining on-site highlight is wet. And that is all lubricated any, windows are depressed in the fuselage. In short crude ishsho liver ...
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9 years ago
 5  Would certainly have to work too ... the white parts in the vicinity of the bow, and mutnenko a bit!
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