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Changes in texture VC Yak-18 T | Rating: 5! FS2004 Effects and Addons
An updated version of the virtual cockpit textures for the model:

Translation from Russian by Google

Аэродромные огни(4 files)
→ Filename:
→ Size: 322kb
→ Date: 5 years ago (18.02.2011 23:36 MSK)
→ Uploaded by: ryabov912 (uploaded 41 files)
→ Approved by moderator: SLAVJAN
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 1048 time(s)
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4 years ago
 5  Thank you!
Automated translation from Russian by Google

5 years ago
 5  Thank you. Enjoy:)
Automated translation from Russian by Google

5 years ago
 5  Well. Is it possible in this VC devices to place in life? With "real" size, etc.? [+4]
Automated translation from Russian by Google
Karadag (5 years ago): That's right, and the VC and 2D panel, to put it mildly, somewhat different from that in reality. On this side, the panel from Sharp looks much better. Frankly, I'm with her, and summer, although it is not fully compatible with this model, and in general with FS9 ... [+2] *(Google translated)
ur46393 (5 years ago): Large appliances are well read on small screens. Dimensions of devices it is better not to change. Alternative-to create a second version of panel.cfg and bitmap panel with these devices is the size of the golden mean "(!!):) *(Google translated)
Kirill Konovalov

5 years ago
 5  I'm not agree. Surprisingly pleasant to sit in the cockpit grated horribly, just not nice. For the plane to look right! Few people know how to make shredded cockpit, from which not a desire to make an airplane accident on repairs.
Automated translation from Russian by Google
zh03 (5 years ago): In the original, this is done properly. Make grated cockpit - Arts - but so rasskrasit - the same job, and not a small - I understand (and not just understand, but I know from personal experience) - but why? Plastic-doll turns ... *(Google translated)

5 years ago
One can question, and the horseradish izviniete, they had to change - IMHO - the original of this model - the classics of Russian Wirth. aviation industry, even bourgeois noted goldavardom on in his time - in my opinion, better than the original is gone, lost the charm it zayuzat cockpit ...
Automated translation from Russian by Google
ryabov_912 (5 years ago): but wanted to) they "goldavard" had been paid for a blue cab? or model? Sorry, but if you do not like, do not swing) there are people who liked it) [+2] *(Google translated)
someone1 (5 years ago): so what, what, and the dynamics of a masterpiece can not be called [+2] *(Google translated)
zh03 (5 years ago): Dynamics of the Yak-18 - a masterpiece of unique - an example for how to do the dynamics of piston Kraft deny it - still that agree with this ...., buyout sponsors pripavnyal with motherfuckers ... [-1] *(Google translated)
ryabov_912 (5 years ago): Sorry, someone who who does? and who thinks there is, besides, and insults? I did not touch, drew the night textures are laid out for general use, and thereby made the authors' model, "goats"? Sorry, I do not what you say. Good luck! [+1] *(Google translated)
someone1 (5 years ago): Yaka dynamics far from perfect. Very far. but it is best that we have. *(Google translated)
ur46393 (5 years ago): To the "masterpiece" - with-mod that Yak-18T. I will say straight out: a masterpiece, this model does not hold out! This model is not a masterpiece! Model has many serious drawbacks, because of which the problematic use of modes in fs .. Taki is unclear what criteria were assessed this model to flaytsime, if not only for me alone there were constant problems with the normal operation of the model. And only with the installation of add-ons from the archives of "" that was avsimkom, a usable model for fs, the penultimate version. But the bugs with a set of frequencies to CP p-century make it impossible to use the option neprimer ATIS Voice Center FSAtis! With the recent release of a model-gone and the last hope for editing flaws (!!). Job-Motor model is even worse than the previous version! Because of this latest version of the mod-absolutely not suitable for use in fs! No copyright forum, there is no way to test the model for a successful release. In connection with the employment of the authors do not respond to messages with questions how to fix the large flaws in this model .. I think if there is a will the authors over many years (!) Can be a forum to answer questions, listen to the valid comments to the wishes of the installment of the objective of the work of the model, right? .. Rated "3" - a well-deserved score for all time to use the model .. Such is the "masterpiece":))) *(Google translated)

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