When creating the panels and appliances, was confronted with the inconsistency of the standard fonts for the names and tsifr.Reshil do something similar. Try letters and numbers to fit the most plausible (at least at such Antonov 124). Hope to be useful not only to me. PS When you start to do its font called Nick, and now again the first peredelyvaat as you do not want. So sorry that now you have one of the fonts will be called by my nick - LENYA69)))
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Дружище ты 100 пудов в рай попадёшь!)) alkash90x, 5 years ago, #
точно... demirkanat, 2 months ago, #
Спасибище! MadMarkus, 6 years ago, #
Respect for creativity:) BAe-146, 10 years ago, #
thanks! very necessary thing RedFox, 10 years ago, #
. bl00d, 10 years ago, #
RћR±R°R»RґRµRЅRЅRѕ! Thank you! Mihail Stepanov, 11 years ago, #
Thank you very much useful anton_il, 11 years ago, #
It is very necessary. Lenya, respect! A.S.K., 11 years ago, #
Golden you are, my, let you kiss! Gender weeks looking for fonts for the An-24. Jethawk, 11 years ago, #
Wow! It seems useful ... Lenya69, 11 years ago, #
Thank you! Pleased that vsetaki who need it! Good luck in your projects Lenya69, 11 years ago, #
Well done! This is WORK! A very useful thing. КурсМП, 11 years ago, #
It is very necessary thing - very well what ttf - thanks! zh03, 11 years ago, #

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