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That is 38m/1sec/LOD10 mesh of Yerevan city area, Armenia, and UDYZ (UGEE) airport. Recommended to use with respective airport scenery (can be found here).

Place the file to your Addon sceneryscenery folder or create custom folders "UDYZ meshscenery", place the file and add to scenery library (make sure to move it below "Mega Scenery Zvartnots - Armenia 2008" record).

The mesh supplies 38m LOD10 Caucasus mesh and those ones don't have common areas.

Should you like that, you may create the same quality mesh for any area you like. Address the following forum thread http://www.avsim.su/forum/topi​c/81097-budet-li-noviy-globaln​iy-mesh/ (use any webpage-translator, if necessary).
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