That is 38m/1sec/LOD10 mesh of Yerevan city area, Armenia, and UDYZ (UGEE) airport. Recommended to use with respective airport scenery (can be found here).

Place the file to your Addon sceneryscenery folder or create custom folders "UDYZ meshscenery", place the file and add to scenery library (make sure to move it below "Mega Scenery Zvartnots - Armenia 2008" record).

The mesh supplies 38m LOD10 Caucasus mesh and those ones don't have common areas.

Should you like that, you may create the same quality mesh for any area you like. Address the following forum thread​c/81097-budet-li-noviy-globaln​iy-mesh/ (use any webpage-translator, if necessary).
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Thanks a lot, read a forum thread and did not realize that they both do, but if you make a mesh of Murmansk and the surrounding area, given the scenario would be very grateful and I am not alone:) Kain, 14 years ago, #
I would gladly, and even the entire Earth at once - but! There is a limit, a user can load only 1000 plots measuring 1x1 degrees, as from the 101-th loading is not available immediately, but after quite a significant time (comes notified by e-mail). Any such requests are feasible - provided that the initial information with project site. That's why I stressed the importance of independent production. denn-ru, 14 years ago, #
Do not see the problem, tell me what to download, and I will send you a Mayluu, or to file exchanger Keanu. Kain, 14 years ago, #
+1 But about Chelyaba Ту154М 85123, 14 years ago, #
Cheboksary please tell me what to draw GRAFF, 14 years ago, #
About what exactly mesh Caucasus are talking about? He is not a site)) Can you explain?) Valerik, 14 years ago, #
excellent thank you very much !!!!!!!!!!!! edgar666, 13 years ago, #
many thanks! edgarikk, 14 years ago, #
I have around the airport abyss shura61, 14 years ago, #
you probably have the first version of the mesh of the Caucasus? Please download the corrected caucasus-south on the link in the topic of the forum. denn-ru, 14 years ago, #
Excellent movie! Done, that laid out! dinsoft, 14 years ago, #
* To not go there Comment, Over mesh also thank you - sorry to "pass" did not have time. A link to a separate blagodaronost. dinsoft, 14 years ago, #
Thank you! TIGRAN, 14 years ago, #
Very nice .... get only five!! Take a just and beautiful mesh Murmansk, if not very difficult ... please ... dacool, 14 years ago, #
... armaviaEK, 14 years ago, #
and how to put? .x.X.x., 14 years ago, #
all figured out then I stepped Th))) .x.X.x., 14 years ago, #
And really how to put on?))) Grixa_95, 14 years ago, #
Thank you! And can it be (though as the Caucasus and mesh) used in conjunction with FsGlobal? NetHunter, 14 years ago, #
I do not FSGobal, I do not know =) But seemingly FSGlobal (even in versions of Ten) not said details of these areas at the level LOD10 (38m) denn-ru, 14 years ago, #