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A small change in voice acting crew of the Baku PT Tu-154-M | Rating: 5! FS2004 Sounds
Year and a half ago, has made modest upgrades popular ozvuchik PT Tu-154M "Baku crew of" authorship respected Elmar (UBBB) with permission. Changes: The voiceovers People with noise added to FAC-treatment and the passengers of the voice-People without noise. In my opinion at Elmar was not like this (he was the only option appeals FAC-in voice acting without external noise). In the file on the "buckle up and shut up" (No. 104), after 30-40 seconds after: sentence-ground technique "... the visual dosvidaniya". And (File 404) with the phrase on "happy sitting quietly successful landing" after the flight engineer, "... the reverse is off," added the same, just for the kit. Did everything in a certain sound editor only for myself (I emphasize this especially.) Setting: .... Flight Simulator 9> Gauges> Tu154m_cfg> SOUND> Crew_01 or how you named (and spelled out in the craft CFG) folder with the voice acting crew. Thanks again Elmar (UBBB) and a team of PT - a unique model developed by Tu-154 for FS-2004.

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→ Filename:
→ Size: 3 035kb
→ Date: 4 years ago (04.10.2011 01:45 MSK)
→ Author: автор озвучки UBBB автор изменения БАРСУК
→ Uploaded by: БАРСУК (uploaded 1 files)
→ Approved by moderator: AirArt
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 2013 time(s)
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2 years ago
 5  Спасибо!
Automated translation from Russian by Google

4 years ago
 5  Great, everything is fine, just do not know how the other a / c, but this text says Donavia senior flight attendant, can remake the female voice? It would be even cooler)))
Automated translation from Russian by Google
БАРСУК (4 years ago): Send entry text you want to make female voice in the format vaf:) I'll do the rest. Time by the way, it takes about 10 minutes. You can use any editor frishny vaf files. All this is much easier (at least for me) than the correction speaker yes debugging scenarios. *(Google translated)

4 years ago
 5  Very well, thank you, as set Sim put necessary. Could you the same chip for SCS Tu-134 do? ))
Automated translation from Russian by Google
БАРСУК (4 years ago): I will do when under the symbol conquer Win7 and put SCS Tu-134 (on which I want to fly a long time because it was a favorite of my domestic aircraft. I flew pax on it a lot. And in Kazan and Ufa, and in Surgut and St. Petersburg). But it will be done as follows: sawn-treatment of PT, glued to the appropriate place right sound SCS Tu-134. While I have no time or opportunity to make a full voice acting for or something comparable to the product Edmara (voice Baku Crew) for a model PT Tu-154-M. *(Google translated)
Captain_Denis (4 years ago): I understand you, he's going under the symbol Win7 to learn ... *(Google translated)

4 years ago
 5  Sounds - shine! sooo like description, especially the "buckle up and shut up" and "rejoice in the successful landing of sitting quietly": D have to do a voice-option
Automated translation from Russian by Google
БАРСУК (4 years ago): Many fly Paxil. Already tired of jumping people rave about to taxi. Behave like a minibus. Once Delta flew to the U.S., there went out a hefty "aroamerikanets" in the salon, but as our ryavknet sootechesvennikam: sat in its place - immediately! :) And everything all at once realized, despite the fact that barked not Russian:) *(Google translated)

4 years ago
Not tested, but I'm sure that everything is fine! (By the way on the pictures carcass in storage )))))
Automated translation from Russian by Google
БАРСУК (4 years ago): sex photo has been selected the first 20-Yandex-proposed Pictures on request, "Tu-154-m":) just for the beauty that was skrinshotik so to speak. thought that since Fri bundled by default go to the old livery of "Siberia" is a photo would be appropriate. what's up with that particular carcass at the moment - no baffling. *(Google translated)
PaVeL997 (4 years ago): yes I just said, for information)) [-1] *(Google translated)

4 years ago
 5  Thanks
Automated translation from Russian by Google

4 years ago
 5  For his work, only 5. I really liked it! Do not stop!
Automated translation from Russian by Google

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