For the English (not russified) version of the simulator! Increase in the size Electronic Kneeboard, invoked in the simulator key F10. Do not ask, for what it is. I made it for myself, that would be easier to read from the FRO during the flight. WARNING! Correctly displays at resolutions of 1024 * 768 and above. At 800 * 600 it just does not fit.
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→ Date: 12 years ago (25.06.2010 01:03)
→ Author: Andrey Surzhikov-Tsarykevich (A-n-d-r-e-y)
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Miracles and only. While in such amount as he is working correctly, then this is what dreaming every second VFR-plier - to view maps much more convenient! Rost, 12 years ago, #
to view the maps in pdf there is a module Pdfkneeboard. quietly working and up to 1920 * 1080! Phemmer, 12 years ago, #
And I was doing) that would FRO read. A Pdfkneeboard me why it does not work ((((. If you turn the map and close, then reopen when there are bugs with the mapping. Pdfkneeboard.ini have to manually delete the folder modules. A-n-d-r-e-y, 12 years ago, #
I do not understand about the card. In kniborde they do not appear, and the window card from this program is not changed ... Vad, 12 years ago, #
Теперь и читать, и кинчик на эшелоне смотреть удобно. Спасибо!!! IgorURMT, 10 years ago, #