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PMDG MD-11 STC "Russia" | Rating: 4.1! FSX Aircraft Liveries and Textures

- Screenshot 2
- Screenshot 3
Livery AK "Russia"

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→ Filename:
→ Size: 1 329kb
→ Date: 5 years ago (09.03.2011 18:06 MSK)
→ Author: Алексей
→ Approved by moderator: AirArt
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 226 time(s)
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5 years ago
 5  Yes Ian you zadroty normally [-3]
Automated translation from Russian by Google

5 years ago
 2  hrenota! Well if you do fictional texture, then make them at least good.
Automated translation from Russian by Google


5 years ago
 1  When the cat does not do dick, he licks his balls. [+2]
Automated translation from Russian by Google
kroll (5 years ago): tie you to this ))))))) [+2] *(Google translated)
aeroteapot (5 years ago): And you? [+2] *(Google translated)
Ил-86110 (5 years ago): Him that is still growing and growing:) *(Google translated)

5 years ago
And I liked it! Slush thou, IL-86110! I'll soon be berated for what you tell me you put cola! Why do you (I hope you do not threaten me, so I say to you) call all by shit? Maybe you do not like the plane, but why remove it? Maybe someone will like, some do not, but do so not fair. I hope you can guess that just put the Coke can. Here you will be pleased if someone you do not download your model put the count? You should not be selfish! [-1]
Automated translation from Russian by Google
Roma1364 (5 years ago): 1 infuriates already [+2] *(Google translated)
Ил-86110 (5 years ago): Bunt shkoloty. Well, here everything is clear without explanation. First, remove the aircraft - not my privilege questions to the moderators. Secondly, I'll smash faster than learn the rules of punctuation. Third, appeal to podpevalam: you besite me too, but I do not it is not covered in such a way to fly Avsim. Fourth, do not you here the guards, and I myself will deal, without snotty, I bet, and what does not! Very insolent! What do you learn in school? PS Moderators, I apologize, but grows in insolence shkolota every day, and I just can not stand ... [+1] *(Google translated)
Ил-86110 (5 years ago): PPS Do not say the main thing - Starwave or how you got there, before you start here, "wildness of ****", learn the rules of the forum. Oh, right was smooth ... *(Google translated)
Ил-86110 (5 years ago): Oh, and kroll = troll once your comment deleted. Cowards! Shame on you! *(Google translated)
Ил-86110 (5 years ago): And yet - a little message Roma1364: if you declare that you are my nature, "enrages" I can tell that you have for the same feelings. *(Google translated)
kroll (5 years ago): I DOVE nothing to be ashamed)))) *(Google translated)
Ил-86110 (5 years ago): God, when I die, curse shkolotu! [-2] *(Google translated)
kroll (5 years ago): not blaspheming [+1] *(Google translated)
Ил-86110 (5 years ago): "I myself understand, without nose running (c) *(Google translated)
arseniy5 (5 years ago): IL-86110, "And if you want to you and IL86110 banned, please! My friends Lenya69, and he will understand you!" (C) StarwaveX. Now most "formidable" avsima moderator will come and punish you anal punishments. *(Google translated)
toxin_pilot (5 years ago): Well, the IL-86 110 sold. Shkolote not explain what it is "bad." StarwaveX - come true. If you put another UG, I'll do send you a bath! Read the rules! Or, if you broke, then get away from the Internet, and convince ..... Instructive lessons! *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  I totally agree. Now cook CARGO color MOE Russia [-2]
Automated translation from Russian by Google
toxin_pilot (5 years ago): Council, better not. It is better to make a real livery. Leave this for yourself. If, however, lay out MES Cargo, then get ready - you can cast aside gov * om. Oh sorry if offended. This Avsim .... *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  Excellent. Himself an amateur in the bourgeois pull our livruhi and vice versa)) [+1]
Automated translation from Russian by Google

5 years ago
 5  .
Automated translation from Russian by Google

5 years ago
 3  The idea is not bad ... but here's rendition of "Sticky".
Automated translation from Russian by Google

5 years ago
 5  Beautiful! Keep it up! More varied liveries! Sick of the same. Do not listen to nerds, continue to create! Love this plane, but with this livery even more now, to clothe half the world in their native Russia! [+1]
Automated translation from Russian by Google

5 years ago
 5  Foolish to make liveries to those aircraft which have given a k neimeetsya. (IMHO)
Automated translation from Russian by Google
madara-exgta (5 years ago): Following your logic, it's silly to make a virtual airline, real analogues that do not exist *(Google translated)
Ил-86110 (5 years ago): Oh, smells of fried (c) Maga72 *(Google translated)
Maga72 (5 years ago): always wanted me to be quoted:) [+1] *(Google translated)
SBI71 (5 years ago): madara-exgta, you see my logic does not even have guessed:) Pro vymeshlenye WAC, I said nothing, but on the MD-11 livery "STC Russia" silly stretch. Right now can say crap, but it looks as if the cat will give birth to a puppy: D *(Google translated)
DownSet (5 years ago): Nitsche, soon to tighten, then its no longer all prosrali ... [+5] *(Google translated)

5 years ago
 5  Aircraft: EA-148-100B Airbus - 320 Airbus - 319-114 Boeing 737-500 Boeing 767-300 MD-11? I do not think ...
Automated translation from Russian by Google
Ant0n1o (5 years ago): Fantasy author. *(Google translated)
Roma1364 (5 years ago): Cool thought))) *(Google translated)

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