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VV Ershov book "Stories the driving dog" | Rating: 5! Misc
This is a book of stories, illustrations: the flight of hard work on the tasks of error on the decisions of the disaster, the problems, just good people. All of this was with me, all this remains in the memory, all these I would like to share with the reader. Explanation of most terms, it was not unfamiliar with aviation reader can be found in the dictionary at the end of the book. The book was published only because of organizational and material assistance to my friends - selflessly aviation enthusiasts grateful to the readers and friendly critics. I sincerely thank the participants in aviation forums protu-154.com and avia.ru, other forums for lively discussion on the Internet «thought driving dog» and support the publication «Rasskazov driving dog». I express my special thanks for organizing assistance edition of the book, VI Kvasova, KK Vyatchinu, RN Siviryuhinu. I want to believe that the issues raised in this book, sooner or later be resolved to the benefit of the Russian aviation industry.

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→ Filename: 9225_V.V.ErshovRasskaziezdovogopsa.zip
→ Size: 360kb
→ Date: 9 years ago (02.05.2007 19:31 MSK)
→ Author: Степан Москаленко
→ Uploaded by: stepan81 (uploaded 1 files)
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
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8 years ago
Interestingly, I read with pleasure. Only here do not understand - rather than the author of "the boys at Toyota did not land, and that this is for the boys? : - /
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9 years ago
 5  It is nice that people, being professional, evaluate things objectively, at the same time, immediately obvious that loves the Russian aircraft. it was very interesting to read, to learn a lot about the life of the pilots themselves. And my great thanks to the author, that he was experiencing pain and is looking for all the mess. what is happening in the former Soviet aviation.
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9 years ago
 5  Ershov for us simmerov as Margelov for paratroopers. Respect
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Толстой Стас

9 years ago
 5  For the fact that the belief in love is not extinguished in us, booby! For work, for what we are trying to convey, for the fact that I simply have such a wonderful man! For all that - that has done for us !!!!!!!!!!
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9 years ago
 5  read with great pleasure, thank you. ordinary reader will be both funny and terrible passages about how the glasses skidyval after CDF))) and of memoirs - a good excuse to clean conscience))) as RLE violated and were on the verge of foul and now You can talk about it. This is not to reproach the author), or simply observing. With dithyramb certainly bust in the early, heavy reading, but in general, I perfectly understand and respect that he wanted to say this. Thanks again for the excellent book of very few, if anyone did not write except Ershova.
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