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"And at this time." on the airfield Frol. | Rating: 5! Misc Video

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Genius of Leonardo Vinci sketched before the first sketch of a parachute in 1514. But try it the master did not succeed. But now anyone can easily jump with a parachute. Have you dared?

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→ Filename:
→ Size: 6 938kb
→ Date: 5 years ago (28.05.2010 23:45 MSK)
→ Uploaded by: 159rus (uploaded 2 files)
→ Approved by moderator: SLAVJAN
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 229 time(s)
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5 years ago
 5  I ventured over and repeated for 3000 rubles!
Automated translation from Russian by Google

5 years ago
 5  My father during his service in Ryazan VDD and the An-2 was jumping, and An-12 and IL-76. I can not jump from my old heart is bad, and with vessels of the brain problem, so it remains to look at these happy people ... )
Automated translation from Russian by Google
Zorgair (5 years ago): About how you ugorazdilo, sochuvstvuyu.Da forget it, meaning of freedom and a lot of happiness! Do it and the disease will lose! *(Google translated)
Zorgair (5 years ago): Main Step inside and do not drive to a meeting ... first time I said to myself: "Yes, and x .. th with him! By .. ya! Not here then somewhere else!" And jumped, not regretted never , but now only ... And I tried to dissuade some morons-View Post loshary "I told them exactly what he said! *(Google translated)

5 years ago
This jump is not interesting. Interesting because
Automated translation from Russian by Google
susanin (5 years ago): In the world there is no steeper than the attraction jump from the IL-76 *(Google translated)
Ravnmm (5 years ago): Oh yes, I agree, my father talked about his feelings, especially when open cargo ramp-ramp and side hatches and the whistling of the air flow is, God forbid, and then the alarm lights and loud noise that much as a headset pierced ears =) *(Google translated)
Zorgair (5 years ago): That is happiness ... *(Google translated)
susanin (5 years ago): When the doors open starts shaking. And the wind rises. From the ramp sucks air. Through the door goes. You stand prowling around. Ace bench press bench press. Siren pokruche than a fire engine. Doors open to the street, and the separation provide shade. That is, the air flow is not there. But then you get to complete. The impact on the air. (450 In disclosing the dome there decent reloading 2-3 seconds. But too early to relax. The people in the air a lot. It happens that the dome sits on top someone. You fly all you yelling obscenities. And in his address listening too. In short, who did not hang from the army, to request desanturu. Impressions for life. *(Google translated)
159rus (5 years ago): I agree that the jump from the IL-76 is interesting, but how it will shoot a private operator does not have the experience of jumping? And the reporter is just jump! Well, in Frola, alas, no no IL-76, or variants of it to organize. Thank you all for your feedback. *(Google translated)
susanin (5 years ago): there is such a song. I'm ready to kiss the sand, if only it did not jump from the sludge. *(Google translated)
Ру19300 (5 years ago): Just to know and remember ... *(Google translated)

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