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Reticulation to the manuals on family AIRBUS A-320 | Rating: 5! Обучающие материалы
Go on a second, enlarged and improved, version of the mosaic (. Xls) for the Wilco Airbus, which is recommended for use primarily in conjunction with manual V«Family AIRBUS A320: management of virtual pilot MFSV». Comment on application: fillable field divided in numbers, and filled sequentially from the planning stage before flight boarding procedures / overshoot: - first in a field 1 indicates the data on the route (by default - a route map to use a / to the RF), then paint the route to Apnaz. And Apzap. detail (left to right) - in the field of 2 are working with FsNav; - in a field of 3 Loading the aircraft through FsPassengers; - in the field 4 to contribute data in APvyleta and weather in it - in a field of 5 - takeoff data. The following pairs of blocks are read from left to right : - scheme SID / ENGINE OUT and STAR / MISSED APROACH; - data APnaznacheniya and weather it. This is followed by an arbitrary information block (for taking notes in the set and the echelon). Note that you can fill in these blocks, that is, if desired : pointing to only those data that are important in your opinion. At the same time, filled poletoobrazuyuschie blocks - such as information about the route, airport of departure and landing patterns SID and STAR, well, of course, data from the takeoff performance, the pressure, the train move etc. - It is always advisable to keep before our eyes.

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5 years ago
 5  Thanks, Paul!
Automated translation from Russian by Google
NetHunter (5 years ago): I am glad that reticulation needed) *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 5  thank you! "
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6 years ago
 5  Thank you very much Paul!
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von Stierlitz

6 years ago
 5  thanks!
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