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The package includes:
1. Updated dynamics for payware Captain Sim Boeing 737-200 for P3D v3 and P3D v4 simulators. Now it's possible to control the engines thrust (more concerning climb and cruising phase) with high accuracy based on inflight performance tables from the FCOM. Engine parameters in the model (EPR, N1, N2, fuel consumption) are quite consistent with the values from the FCOM performance tables for different cruise altitudes and speeds. This is true for P&W JT8D-15/15A and P&W JT8D-17/17A engines for Captain Sim Boeing 737-200 Base, Advanced, Combi and Freighter.
2. The V-One Gauge v1.8 (authored by Paul Tally). This is 2D-panel that displays information such as takeoff speeds, engine EPR values for various flight phases, optimum cruise altitude, Vref speeds, aircraft loading, and much more.
3. Multi-function navigation display (authored by G Munro) that can be installed in the virtual cockpit instead of the weather radar.
For more information about all the features of the mod, see the User Guide in the archive. Read carefully before installing.
Tested in P3D v3.3 and P3D v4.5 simulators.
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