Antonov An-225 Mriya (Ukrainian Mriya - Dream) (by NATO Codification: Cossack - V«Kazak") - extra high capacity transport aircraft. The largest heavy and lifting the aircraft in the world ever built. Developed at the Aviation Scientific Technical Complex named after Antonov.'s Unique transport plane was designed and built in the Soviet Union in 1984-1988, respectively. The first flight occurred Dec. 21, 1988. Initially, it was laid 2 machines currently completes the second copy (under construction for the past 20 years, is ready for about 70%). It has six aircraft engines D-18 of JSC "Motor Sich" In August 2009, aircraft of this series was recorded in the Book of Records Guinness for the transportation of the largest in aviation history monogruza. It was a generator weighing 187.6 tons, carried from the German Frankfurt in Yerevan, Armenia for the new power plant.
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Я распечатал, но есть одна штука: (в Файлы) самолёт то маленький , а буран — больше. ~Anonymous~, 1 month ago, #
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Качество сканирования для такой сложной модели оставляет желать лучшего. Склеить, конечно, можно но... В общем, троечка. А жаль :( Uncle_Grin, 10 years ago, #