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737-700 landing at La Paz,Bolivia | Rating: 3.8! Simulators

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- Screenshot 3
Mini tower view video of PMDG 737-700 in La Paz airport (SLVR) in Bolivia. Airport altitude 4000m. above sea level. The aproach was an interesting: low cloud ceiling and a thunderstorm. But landing was succesful and sweet.

There is a freeware, not default scenery of SLVR airport.
→ Filename:
→ Size: 9 019kb
→ Date: 6 years ago (23.01.2010 01:29 MSK)
→ Author:
→ Uploaded by: aqprider (uploaded 8 files)
→ Approved by moderator: SLAVJAN
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 220 time(s)
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6 years ago
 5  I liked it!
Automated translation from Russian by Google

6 years ago
 5  Tell me the song title
Automated translation from Russian by Google
aqprider (6 years ago): Infected Mushroom - Deeply Disturbed (Infected Feat All Point'z DJ Edit) *(Google translated)


6 years ago
 5  Classroom music!
Automated translation from Russian by Google

6 years ago
 4  soft landing but ... muzykka current 4
Automated translation from Russian by Google

6 years ago
 3  There are very similar to Video videos are very similar idea, but unfortunately the quality raznoe.3 but + ...
Automated translation from Russian by Google
aqprider (6 years ago): looked, but very similar. but I made her without looking at it, because no idea about its existence ... *(Google translated)

6 years ago
 1  Music killed. No injuries.
Automated translation from Russian by Google
aqprider (6 years ago): What do you think there should be music? on the tastes and different folks, this is not a criterion in my opinion ... *(Google translated)
xxxxxx (6 years ago): Why did not you like the music must be assessed *(Google translated)
Visual (6 years ago): Why should music be evaluated? Everyone is on their mind, I would like Anne Veski listen for the clip - is this figure? Do not like it if it-unplug nafig! The sound on zero-and it was then interesting to estimate what would? *(Google translated)

6 years ago
why the landing lights were not included?
Automated translation from Russian by Google
SLAVJANmoderator (6 years ago): why they usually do not include? :) *(Google translated)
@ntuan (6 years ago): patamushto we pilotyyyyy))) Because nubik at the controls visible. This is not a Perfect Landing. At first it was touch, just allg prizadralsya nose, etc., which indicates that touch on the small loss rate occurred, and the pilot pulled on the steering wheel to gently touch type. *(Google translated)
aqprider (6 years ago): what you are observant ... while at the controls neystvitelno Noob. Perfect Landing, repenting, I wrote, because it's video did a year ago for yutuba (agree, for yutuba hire) ... hence titles and Perfect Landing ... about the same lights - this airport is located at an altitude of 4000m, ie much higher than 10000 feet. If you do not cheat so fspaks, including the lights at the end of braking, it will record fine *(Google translated)

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