The extreme version of c tektsurami night without a crew cabin with and without 3D cockpit.
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→ Date: 14 years ago (31.05.2009 07:49)
→ Author: Denokan(3D model), Saturn (systems,sound, programming and animation), AlexSpb(systems,painting,plugins, flignt dynamic), Саша (н
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super airplane! can only can credit for a newer model? Zikki, 12 years ago, #
It has long been waiting for this, I hope that in future X-Plane will develop. MOLOKO, 13 years ago, #
Sources such as Dennis passed. Alexdeputat, 14 years ago, #
. oblivion-, 11 years ago, #
As it fly? Not enough traction. Hotwings, 12 years ago, #
3D do already and then to pull in all X-PLANE 9.40! AFL336, 13 years ago, #
yeah, dream of course is not bad ... pro100gamer, 13 years ago, #
Yes right now! already clocked me in the x-plane, and ran it back! Zorgair, 13 years ago, #
x-plan is not so bad, muhoboynaya aircraft there is very well established Stakan, 13 years ago, #
and now for the sake of the fact that Cessna would fly those fucking 40 GB set? yah nafig, and supposedly the best weather in ikse is generally full of crap. pro100gamer, 13 years ago, #
Passed. Works well in 9.3b12. There is the experience of testing different models Tu154 in MSFS - are not even close. Tried to get this in Murmansk, as much a sense of reality. Afterburner leaf - beauty. You can do SЃRєSЂRyoRЅS‹. There are shortcomings, they then individually marked. Guys, go! ATSA, 13 years ago, #
Sorry of course, but what is the "afterburner leaf "?:-) probably had in mind buckets reverse device ... VDSky, 13 years ago, #
: DDD Pilot_154, 13 years ago, #
: DD VDSky, 13 years ago, #
Sorry again, Forsazh as it does not fit into the picture of the Tu-154, but the reverse bucket device, this is directly applicable to the construction of AD. And not in the size of this deal! Soon RІS‹R»RѕR¶Sѓ docks in the design and the theory of CSD. VDSky, 13 years ago, #
Sorry, badly spoken. Forsazh be looked at that very interesting. Thank you for adjustment. Reverse. ATSA, 13 years ago, #
Check the extreme version of Kraft v 2.11: The model presented Alex Spb. Essentially pererabtana flight dynamics, engines, changes in the panel ...​44857/Tu-154M_V2.11.rar.html yamaha333, 13 years ago, #
Wow, Tu-154M in ikspleyne like this! Exelletor, 14 years ago, #
The model is for testing purposes only flight dynamics! Cab, salon NOT YET READY !!!!! panel test separately (see link below)! yamaha333, 14 years ago, #
You forgive me, I have not yet been "too active" on the site, and I can not leave comments, but only to answer, Mr. DAK here: The Tu-154 Ural 1st and 3rd drives the full sulfur, not blue .. Thank you) Tembl4, 13 years ago, #
He said that the only similar but not directly present any difference what color those engines you have to fly nm and not see which engines ramblll09, 13 years ago, #
download then download and install can not ((((( please'll show !!!??? 23ioan32, 13 years ago, #
ON THIS MODEL NOT NORMAL !!!!!! SHE PANELS IN !!!!! That last screen:​wtopic.php?f=6&;t=922&start=765 (lower) The bar at work. Now it is even better than on screen! yamaha333, 14 years ago, #
can download a new cover and potestit Archive on the link above, under the screen. In X-Plane is loaded like a normal plane downloaded yamaha333, 14 years ago, #
.. and keep silent! =) Cool! 48H6, 14 years ago, #
Bird of the Soul! Give only those who know how to remove the 3d to 2d panel ato when I 2d panel I kind of went to the cockpit closes the entire review. ту134, 14 years ago, #
Well done. nakin, 14 years ago, #
Would SRT! Put five not out of solidarity and for their type rating, but for a real job! Everything is just beginning! omega, 14 years ago, #
What started it? Pain, 13 years ago, #
Why are good models for avsim vylazhivayut not have to rummage in the Internet. If you need a good Tu-154 for Ikspley a link here.​ad/3-1-0-1309 ubiytca, 13 years ago, #
People and Give, please, why in the X-Plaine no textures airport? Sorry for offtop .. Michele, 13 years ago, #
screen is not true of xplane kizkoip, 13 years ago, #
A modelka not from the PT, by chance? ekha, 14 years ago, #
Mndaaaa .... Pain, 14 years ago, #