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Bovanenkovo ​​(ICAO: USDB) is an airport on the Yamal near the Bovanenkovo ​​shift camp in the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District of Russia. The airport has one runway and heliport. The owner and operator is OOO Gazprom Avia. The airport is of strategic importance for the development of the Bovanenkovskoye field. The airport is located in the northwestern part of the Yamal, 40 km from the coast of the Kara Sea near the Bovanenkovo ​​shift camp, 399 km north-west of the village.

- Photoreal terrain:​ds/bovanenkovo/z_Bovanenkovo_a​
- Winter photoreal terrain:​ds/bovanenkovo/zz_Bovanenkovo_​
- Terrain mesh:​ds/bovanenkovo/zzz_USDB-Bovane​
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Спасибо заочно за очередной сценарий ЯМАЛА!!!
И огромная просьба к тем, кто может - сконвертировать для "девятки"..))
Marque, 9 months ago, #
Спасибо :)
Мы не против, чтобы Бованенково конвертнули туда, куда надо. Пользуйтесь на здоровье :)
skynetv, 9 months ago, #

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