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Kosmodrom Baykonur
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Thank you great! rustam_astana, 15 years ago, #
Летал сюда, когда в Карате работал. В целом очень похоже, насколько могу помнить. MikeGreek, 4 years ago, #
to Andrei: kommenti learn to read - and carefully. Visual, 15 years ago, #
The script is not working (no runway and cover) Andrei, 15 years ago, #
The author - a huge thank you! Tried it myself to begin sculpt aerodrome hometown, but because of the lack of free time are unlikely to be able to do within a realistic time frame. Retrieved could be a few priukrasheno and not entirely realistic, but the mood and atmosphere in general transferred. Nice script! alvish, 15 years ago, #
Thank you. And who knows where to take the scheme to "extreme" and "anniversary"? Vlad Zaitsev, 15 years ago, #
just thanks! Thank you for all of Kazakhstan! Dave, 15 years ago, #
Joined at the Baikonur from 1980 to 1992 and was very happy to see him in Sime. But! Where the Syr Darya? Without it, Leninsk not look perfect. 2. TETs cooling towers can not be higher than the towers. 3. Launchers for the "Shuttle" and "Saturn-5" does not look good at 5 NIIP. But the very idea of excellent! AlexeevD, 15 years ago, #
If the deal truthfully, and my house was almost poloschadi before stadionom.Komonavtov 17 sq. km. 18. if who are interested in place to verify the truthfulness of my words. There, every year has been fair of agricultural products. Sam stadium was almost at the river bank. But the author can not undertake such a colossal work to incorporate all the nuances! What could, then created! Once again the author Applause !!!!!!!!! E-mail, if that! Since HC Curl / There is a river there, only the city of Delek scenario, I agree. Do you remember the pioneers of house and where it is located? And what kind of zest home? A boat dock academic club of young seamen? Do you remember? Just five years we shared, I went and you came Yes, for five years Leninsk Village. Lenin, as stated in my certificate of birth-ve grown very rapidly! Recall that this was the rapid development of our space industry! Therefore not be surprised when they saw their mother and cozy Leninsk big and industrial. This is my dream! In real, I saw photos of his native city. One sorrow. Where before we were met by crews of astronauts and sang on the stairs of the most beautiful hotel, especially a very humane, in my childhood memories, Muslim Magomayev to open the site live sound ... . Then the tracks simply did not have! It was very good! Felt the hand of a mother and I were born a sense of belonging to a great society. Of course, the communist. Such as I, and now it will always be remembered! Then, it was paying "the normal pension, for the money!" There, now, now only vyscherblenny asphalt and dirt! House Officers? What's there now? Intnresno? Once I went there for an exhibition of paintings by Alexei Leonov! Unforgettable for seven boy! Felt the warm hand of a mother and knew that I was not alone in this world. Born in me a sense of belonging to a great society. Of course, to the current. Such as I, and now it will always be remembered! Then, it was to pay for labor, knowledge, health of the State !!!!! Now, thanks to eltsinoidam nso64, 15 years ago, #
Then you can remember my father, he was early. elektrotsentrali. 78, 81 th year, roughly, you can have the thread of my father to tell? I communicate with them roteryal long, simple. nso64, 15 years ago, #
It is gratifying to see the realization of his native city in Sime. Thank you! Here are just in from AP Kazahstan1 missing taxiway and runway nso64, 15 years ago, #
a runway and taxiway if these files need to delete or move a folder sima Scenery-Asia-scenery and the runway will appear: AP966170.BGL AP966160.BGL AP967160.BGL AP968150.BGL AP966130.BGL AP966120.BGL AP966150.BGL AP967140.BGL AP961130 . BGL AP969140.BGL AP961160.BGL AP961150.BGL AP963140.BGL AP965140.BGL AP964130.BGL AP968160.BGL Anta142, 15 years ago, #
Thank you! Mihail Stepanov, 15 years ago, #
Whole is not bad. I know these places visited there many times, so I would like to ask the author a few things to fix. The name of the city "Leninsk" is where a / p "extreme." And, of course, if someone did make a major Soviet launchers, and photos is available, so it would be great respect and uvazhuha! dolich, 15 years ago, #
And even in "extreme" in this place is not air terminal, and the headquarters of the regiment with the KDP. AlexeevD, 15 years ago, #
And that skromnenko and with taste. Well, that at the yard in 2008! In the year 1978-1980 as the script and the explanations are also rated at 7-8 to godkov imprisonment. Iqor, 15 years ago, #
By! Please laid out all of the same file, and then swing so uncomfortable ( Chintas, 15 years ago, #
Uncomfortable - in the tank to play basketball! Maxim_Utair, 15 years ago, #
Let us explain Chintas, 15 years ago, #
So, all in one file ZOLTAR, 15 years ago, #
Спасибо приятель. Фантастические пейзажи YuriGagarin, 15 years ago, #
I'm not 9-ka. According to want to write! Bravo! PS And this scenario will be a 10-ku as planes? Nebes787, 15 years ago, #
It is! The stage was set in the aircraft folder and go !!!!!!! Even to suggest additions from 2002 sima, while zheatelno from the 98th to the 10-ments. There will be a super mega drive! By the way if you put all of the above, the Tu-154 will fly in space as a crane! Maxim_Utair, 15 years ago, #
FS world is becoming more realistic. Thank you! Prompt how to remove the static aircraft? Evdokimov, 15 years ago, #
Heh, I long for those not flying ..... :) Had a mean default traffic, just remove the folder SceneryWorldScenerytraffic030528.bgl. >LeadeR<, 15 years ago, #
No, I'm not the traffic statics, which is in Leninsk, much better without it Evdokimov, 15 years ago, #
It was in Kazakhstan, especially at the scene estimated the Baykonure.No-grandiosely ... whitman, 15 years ago, #
screenshot of course it was necessary to choose a different scenario though like while on an amateur or not to long for work 5 ZOLTAR, 15 years ago, #