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TJ0C Moskovskiy Pyandzh
TJ0E Murgab
TJ0F Gissar
TJ0G Parkhar South
UT0A Isfara
UT0D Khorog
UTDD Dushanbe
UTDK Kulyab North
UTDL Khudzhand
UTDO Oktybrskiy
UTDT Kurgan-Tube
OASN Sheghnan
→ Size: 4 MB
→ Date: 15 years ago (18.02.2009 05:40)
→ Author:
→ Uploaded by: Anta142 (uploaded 67 files )
→ Approved by moderator: daditto
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 3586 time(s)
Very, very nice! Only now I am in Dushanbe for some reason missing textures and the runway markings on the grass, as they say ... How to cure? Ursus, 15 years ago, #
I have the same problem ... avki, 15 years ago, #
And I have the same ... Plus there is no apron and the runway in Khujand. How to treat it, the author? disp-nrsk, 15 years ago, #
Thank you for Dushanbe. Good job. But there is no apron and runway in Khujand Rammstein, 15 years ago, #
Something tells me that it can be cured by adding (or removing) afkada ... RAID74, 14 years ago, #
All works fine))) I mean not only the script, but all the others, who put (currently only Central Asia). Thanks Andrew))) Горизонт, 13 years ago, #
Ctsena Tajikistan has become extremely popular. :)))))))))) Kostas68, 14 years ago, #
Can not exactly remember, but after editing AFKADa UTDD band I have yet appeared. For otabrazheniya WFP Khudjand must be removed (with backup) file AP966170.bgl but disappears Tashkent as they are in one box. We are looking for other solutions .. Rammstein, 14 years ago, #
SAGBOL! vaparin, 15 years ago, #
Not bad. But "UT0D" Khorog is not in place, and yes, and apparently looks far from the original. I lived there for 8 years. Credit default Khorog real. Assessment is not my, do not want to spoil the overall score. Although the general strike one as a positive. Shamilich, 13 years ago, #
Here the scheme Khorog who are interested​eroportov-i-marshrutnie-karti-​110/skhemi-aeroporta-khorog-ut​0d-tadzhikistan--35414.html ILSy and svetitehnika likely fiction author, as landing and take-offs only in good weather. One idea is to make Khorog real, but so far no time ... Mihail Stepanov, 13 years ago, #
I have a question arose - in Khorog beacons ilsy, lighting - is a fiction author? VINNY-PUH, 13 years ago, #
Here Tbilisi, while admins are itching​ceneries-44/UGTB-Tbilisi-28921​.html?action=download&;hl = TeXXX, 14 years ago, #
yeah, and click "download" - and oblya! Again Tajikistan !!!))) dinsoft, 14 years ago, #
There's no need to click "download". Click on the link and download automatic go. TeXXX, 14 years ago, #
And you Krasnodar links are not lying around? We need to go there ... )) dinsoft, 14 years ago, #
SchA find:)) TeXXX, 14 years ago, #
texxx - thanks! dinsoft, 14 years ago, #
TeXXXmem.-earned thank you! deltaplan, 14 years ago, #
I do not want to return all tadzhikam.Adminy as it was! deltaplan, 14 years ago, #
THE LORD OF THE ADMINISTRATOR! You can unsubscribe, up to date-whether you're on the bug site and taken, whether any attempts to remedy the situation. Soon there all the buzz begin. Gennn, 14 years ago, #
administrators apparently want everything tossed Tajikistan) dima-Utair, 14 years ago, #
Yeah, let's create the type of traffic Tajiks. dinsoft, 14 years ago, #
Rodstuennikli, Wana, Dushanbe, nasyalnika ... Surger, 14 years ago, #
But I do not want to download it, the moderators do that thread, I press on the file and appears Tajikistan NikTroinik, 14 years ago, #
I also wanted to download it does not. Sar-Avia, 14 years ago, #
Someone skive NikTroinik, 14 years ago, #
No, someone prepay ..))) dinsoft, 14 years ago, #
Same garbage ..... mark979, 14 years ago, #
The author certainly lad. It is a pity, does not lead to mind. I did everything on the readme, no bands in Dushanbe, Hissar, Khorog ... When installing from meshami all the nightmares begin. Though some who work correctly? Navig12, 14 years ago, #
Khujand - "especially cursed" the author of a place:) Even for review afkada not help ... Navig12, 14 years ago, #
The author seems to have scored for the wishes. I'm also not in Dushanbe, nor Khorog no band, wrote about this in the forum, no results. Karakum, 15 years ago, #
I think that when you install a good idea to read the scripts for the installation of the recommendations (readme Ru.txt) is described that must be removed and replaced by that Anta142, 15 years ago, #
All above all praise! Only correct please Khudzhand airport - there are no lanes and parking lots. We are waiting for updates:) RA-77616, 15 years ago, #
Many just ponatykano and not something that we should. The zeal 5 Quality 3 g-force, 15 years ago, #
To work 5. In addition, I would say that at have mesh throughout Central Asia, which would be a good idea to combine all your work. Jhenya, 15 years ago, #
Thank you! Very good, correct and good work! Grade 5! Ramen, 15 years ago, #
Indeed, the whole of Russia! Young people and make Beloyarskiy, KhMAO-Yugra zzitzz, 15 years ago, #
Throughout the country, 12 a / d? Let's now all over Russia. Volunteer, 15 years ago, #
Obzhivaem Central Asia! Excellent! Димсон, 15 years ago, #
RAHMAD! davidbrayn, 15 years ago, #
many thanks))) kamedia, 15 years ago, #