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This is another version of small modification for Almaty (UAAA) airport scenery from Nikita Fomin. There is the updated AFCAD inside of pack, of course, with addition of new 05L/23R runway, and new VOR_DME and ILS, as well as with renamed and relocated taxiways, and quantity and numbering of parkings. ATIS and ATC are "familiar" with ILS on both runways. A bit of airport equipment from Tolmachevo TEAM has been included into the scenery. However, all the changes were made step by step within several years and made exclusively for own liking with no pretending for some earnings. Therefore, to increase FPS and to resolve problems with taxi route indication, heavy asphalt textures, large trees and several insignificant objects were removed. FSX compatibility has not been tested.
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→ Date: 14 years ago (24.03.2009 04:43)
→ Author: nick202
→ Uploaded by: Nick202 (uploaded 2 files )
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but some sleeves and you can sum up to the aircraft for passengers, or they are stationary and do not animirovanv !?!?! Хольгерт, 14 years ago, #
Все хорошо состыковалось... нот нет аэродромных зданий и объектов, хотя все скопировал, как в инструкции. Установлены также Бурундай и Весь казахстан ч 7 nikola1982, 12 years ago, #
All is well. But the author could not have done all in one package. штурмовик, 12 years ago, #
Excuse me, "Khrenova cloud" versions of scenes and updates, which for some very confusing ... There is a scene of a 7-year-old and 6-year-old ... Please describe what-where-to and why ... Thanks in advance! RA85807, 12 years ago, #
Bet - The first, second, fifth and sixth scenario and you will have all included. Жексон, 12 years ago, #
Will complete stuffing!))) I just put Tipo! Zorgair, 12 years ago, #
Ie Putting all this "mess", in ascending order? There follows in ascending order: RA85807, 12 years ago, #
Airport Almaty Intl. (UAAA) FS9 v.2.0 |, Modifying script ALMATY9 V2.0, Burunday - the easy scenario, mesh-Kapchagay reservoir according to instructions and vkomentah amendment if there are problems Жексон, 12 years ago, #
And it will kruuuttoooo as I !)))) And there is a SAT-TV (not Ostankino), but the identity much! Zorgair, 12 years ago, #
A small remark, anyone can come in handy. If it's set Sim Autigen Density vykruchena the maximum and tired of telegraph poles on runway 23R, remove (delete or just save elsewhere) of this addon scenery folder file "mesh_9.bgl" hrjushkin, 12 years ago, #
Thanks for the info! And even though hesitated AlexiZ, 12 years ago, #
and you can make a file. BAT is not drifting small buildings and Dere? difficult, if not do it! leave a link to that file! erbolius, 14 years ago, #
I have everything working properly. previous scenario must be dismantled. desirable and credit default afkad kramor, 14 years ago, #
Yet established in 2004 to 05l craft runway sticking out: (and trees rostut: (The problem is with the textures of the airport building. And how you transferred to FSX? Starter, 14 years ago, #
Is there a scenario Almaty for FSX? Almas, 14 years ago, #
In principle, you can try to install FSX. Sim did not break. But then be able to share their experiences with others. Nick202, 14 years ago, #
I would say that this update solves the problem of compatibility ALMOST core scenario with FSX. From the height of flight is shown correctly, but when runway podlete to its mapping depends on the angle of attack. Maybe there is some sense in the AFCAD-e for FSX runway to lift the foot for two, so that it does not run wild grass out of place, or lift the entire airport. On the streets of the city, too pomudrit need. But that is another song. FS9 with a bunch of addons that has more love than the Pentagon homes, glass airfield and slide show of 5 FPS. Although who knows, maybe FSY FXZ or lead to a much more active sim community. :-) Nick202, 14 years ago, #
In Fsx is true pomuchilsya bit but now all super! roman2030, 14 years ago, #