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In this archive
All parts, All Kazakhstan in a single whole are collected,
Static planes at the airports are removed(cleaned), remarks are corrected,
Also ranges and numbering VPP and RD in available air stations are added.
Air stations are added
UAAD Sary-Shagan Ak-Tasty
UAAF Sary-Shagan polevoi aerodrom
UAAL Lepsy
UAAM Chundhza
UAAS Aksuyek
UAAX Hargos
UACA Atbasar
UADB Berlik
UADF Furmonovka
UADK Karatau
UADL Kalkaly
UAIL Pahtaaral Chardara
UAIS Suzak
UAKA Aktas
UAKI Kievka
UAKL Kyzyl Komuna
UAKM Malye Kalkaly
UAKN Karakaska
UAKR Dzhakpek
UAKS Sarysu
UAKT Tikenekty
UAKU Kyzyltumsyk
UAKV Karazhal
UAKZ Kumala
UAOB Bugul
UAOC Ulutau
UAOZ Zhezdy
UASC Semiyarka Kurchatov
UASD Komsomol'skiy Dolon' Chagan-16
UASF Dolon Southwest
UASI Irtysh Samarskoye
UASN Barshatas
UAST Aktogay
UATC Shetpe
UATD Buzachi
UATL Tamarl Guryev Northeas
UATN Karabutak
UATX Kuryk
UATZ Tengiz
UAUA Amangeldy
UAUD Dergavenskii
UAUE Ekidin
UAUF Fedorovka
UAUS Ushtobe
XAAD Dzhaman Kuduk
XAAG Sayak South
XAAH Balkhash East
XAAK Kokpek Highway Strip
XAAM Chundhza Tuyuk
XAAN Ilysk North
XAAO Konyrolen Highway Strip
XAAP Priozernyi
XAAR Katbar
XASA Aktogay Zhur-Agach
XASK Kuzu-Kurpesh-Akady
Are inserted, in archive
Меsh water basins Kapchagai the Author: Джаныкулов Улан ака PUPSIK
Меsh lake Balkhashs the Author: Джаныкулов Улан ака PUPSIK
UADD-Taraz The Author: Andreev Denis aka den
Shymkent-UAII The Author: psixopat

Traffic MVL and the Air Forces over Kazakhstan so approximately flied till 90 years is made
Are inserted Planes.
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Wonderful. And there will be Astana? aswsx, 14 years ago, #
Thank you! And I have in Karaganda no stripes? And the drive is there. What could be wrong? Арс, 13 years ago, #
Богатый архив. Много недоработано, конечно, но летать можно.
В Тенгизе полоса абсолютно неверная. Жаль.
SolidCode, 13 years ago, #
And for FSX will be? Alexanderius, 14 years ago, #
Astana and UstKaman Come on!! Хольгерт, 14 years ago, #
That's Astana in the current state:​cenarii-44/astana-36884.html That Ust-Kaman: SolidCode, 12 years ago, #
... A Taldykorgan airport ????... Gabidulla_Fattah, 14 years ago, #
Thank you! Despite the fact that the same problem - Kustanai parking and taxiing runway without coating, Uralsk and other too (um, only my love - Arkalyk everything is ok) - uniquely "five"! Only for the fact that I was able to fly on to airfields, which darted after school every day - this Amangeldy and Ekidin etc. and. mn. Unfortunately, only in the zone Arkalyksoy no meaningful - Turgay and Esil, and the regiment in Helicopter Derzhavinsk (those who caught the astronauts) remained without a hell, but only with the ground. It would be interesting povtykat n / mines in the region are not - then used exactly 90-th year has been. Well this is about arkalykstsy RC. Regarding rulezhek, parking lots and runways - can make the script objects and the landscape into separate folders and AFCAD olknut upper layer? 81384, 14 years ago, #
Himself and others write. I dismounted from problemami.Koroche: - in the scripts folder asia (well, more and addon scripts can be) in the properties box to remove the "read only" - if there is a program AFCAD, open the problematic airport marked stock. See the name and path of the file where it is taken, write down on paper handle. (Usually this is the same as for prmera, AF963140.bgl - type the name into a search via the Start button -> "find files". When he was there (I have found, even after manually delete the folder asia), delete it directly from the search results - type airport code in the search (napriemr, UAUU) and remove all AF2_UAUU in addition to the folder fs... / addon scenary / kazahkstan. Download the simulator to check. PSDlya I had a revelation that removed, as recommended , files, and then, suddenly, were unremoved 81384, 14 years ago, #
PS v„– 2 - forgot to say that before starting FS, I cleaned the basket. Maybe the thing and unnecessary, but if I, as srednechkovy user PC, the process would have spat on the table, then you would recommend the same thing. 81384, 14 years ago, #
Changes in the face of great Thanks. Atyrau appeared in the second band. But again, in some ports, there is not not Perron rulezhek. For example Aktau. Set it right. (I mean that in Atyrau changed) And in the actual act was not Peron as his and no. And not just in it. Please show you how to fix it. kodak-75, 14 years ago, #
;) Димсон, 14 years ago, #
Impressive tehnolog, 14 years ago, #
Thank you very much. I have a mesh of Kazakhstan, it is necessary to lay out. FSlubitel, 14 years ago, #
Hmm ... something RyoRЅS‚RµSЂRµSЃS‚RЅRѕRµ ... R¶RґRµRјSЃ))) PUPSIK, 14 years ago, #
+1 Waiting!:) Crow, 14 years ago, #
Otli4na! Vse tolka za! zhdems mesha Abzal, 14 years ago, #
Thank you! As always great! There are two issues: the airfield Chimkent Sayram band is not visible, just the grass so it should be? And An-2 traffikovye hang in the air. That I only have this? Agat, 14 years ago, #
People! I have in all airports not see rulezhek, strips, etc. as if afkad become invisible, how to fix this?? Crow, 14 years ago, #
same with me Georgian_Airways, 14 years ago, #
And you removed from the Scenery / Asia / Scenery files referred to in the readme? Agat, 14 years ago, #
Djigit! Well done! Interesting with Sky trafikom 2.3 "conflict" will not? Not heard what happened to Astana? Who even afkad there? Skinte SЃSЃS‹R»RѕS‡RєSѓ. Abzal, 14 years ago, #
:))) Well, Well, and who will ask permission to meshes?? heeh))) kidding ... Well done, good work ... All in one) PUPSIK, 14 years ago, #
In the works! Because simmeram become easier to install! Thank You all the rest as chains, please. And then, in the endless upgrades confused I)))) From uv.Curl / nso64, 14 years ago, #
Excellent! Fman64, 14 years ago, #
Thank you! But Astana in the future plan to do? avki, 14 years ago, #
The scene - for good! But livery craft for traffa - no ice: (a small sheet with a texture stretched on a large model looks terrible ... Mitch, 14 years ago, #
Thank useful thing Владимир Пахомов, 14 years ago, #