In this package the scenery of the international airport “L`viv” (the airport “Sknyliv”, the code of IATA: LWO, the code of ICAO: UKLL) – the largest airport of the western region of Ukraine by passenger flow and route network is presented.
Currently, in connection with the Championship of Europe in football 2012 extensive repair work is being done at the airport: a new terminal for international transportations is being built, the runway is being reconstructed, etc. In this regard the given scenary reflects the present situation not very accurately, but is more a combination of what was before the reconstruction with what is nowadays. In its visual part it is more like an “old” airport, in the plane of executing flights – like modern.
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Только у нав.оборудования в порту значения поменяли...По состоянию на июль 17 NDB там нет вообще,ILS13 109.50: ILS31- 110.30 VOR указан правильный-115,50. ILS inspektor у меня не справился, AFCAD править х.з. как... rustrucker75, 5 years ago, #
thanks kroll, 12 years ago, #
Scenario super! I liked very much, though not yet flown, but be sure to fly. Thank you very much! Captain_Denis, 12 years ago, #
Thank you baric, 12 years ago, #
Thank you very much! Vladimir_76, 12 years ago, #
Very cool:) Mapex, 12 years ago, #
Just why there is no light at night on Peron, this is my only or for all? Mapex, 12 years ago, #
Thank you very much! DeNFS, 12 years ago, #
Thank you, good for Acne, reacted swiftly to fix minor bugs. Decent scene. papa_pra, 12 years ago, #
Now everything is fine, I liked it bb1968, 12 years ago, #
Thank you! Phemmer, 12 years ago, #
thanks! litrathok, 12 years ago, #
Thank you! Nice to see that the project develops. 86110, 12 years ago, #
I understand this scenario is not to fly in the sime Well, at least on "for maize." Purely a walk along the platform .. ... Yes ... Only the platform would know poyuzat without FSPassenger-a alik_tequila, 12 years ago, #
Not a word is not understood from vyshenapisannogo. xeon, 12 years ago, #
alik_tequila, long time not letting go? Vladimir_76, 12 years ago, #
To Xeon Did you try to take off from this runway on a normal plane with a full load "without preklyucheny" Much clearer "from vyshenapisannogo" As such, WFP is generally defined gruntom.VPP, in general, no, no range, no approach, no control, "by night - net.To there are those that are difficult to call "nocturnal." night, is not only light a few okoshkah.V "flyable" scenes can not ignore the "night" and one should not engage in further discussions. You understand that I am right. I did not spoil unobtrusively otsenku.Vsego only expressed their impressions. alik_tequila, 12 years ago, #
Want to wait for the release. Because then the comments. To the author was much to ponder. It is easy to say "thanks" and give up on bugs. Harder to tell the truth. But in the struggle for simmerskoe happiness "can go and what you initially did not understand. And then, the author of "thanks" to tell you, Vladimir! alik_tequila, 12 years ago, #
Well if you take off from the unfinished part, it is already 2500 m - normal take off, and I understand it, the author will reflect the true state of affairs in terms of reconstruction of the runway while flying AN-Yak-:) Most visually and afternoon) Vladimir_76, 12 years ago, #
And what, Vladimir, if I came to work at night, love, and many fly in real time? And no one knows how much I landed in Lviv arriving "from somewhere." This is not a scenario of "light". This LIONS! Here the scale needed. In such scenes, "flat out" to fail. And do not praise and solid ratings sake. And for the sake of something very important to us all. Do you understand?) And similar criticism (my own or someone else) here is not born of the idea of ​​crap, excuse labor avtora.Kritika makes prizadumatsya.I creates a desire to do better. To have any "nerd" like me do not have something to complain about. Again, for the benefit of us and the author too. alik_tequila, 12 years ago, #
Either way you're joking and my yours do not understand or you are in Wikipedia, see that the band is 2500, and flies you and you are disappointed, because in real life it has not yet built:) Vladimir_76, 12 years ago, #
WFP was formerly 2500, now 1613. So it is in the scene. Choose any love. Circle - not approach - no control - no. Well, no they just start and a tower. And that night, prevents land? deneb, 12 years ago, #
Well, Wikipedia is not Wikipedia, and get a "crash" after the in-goal touch, even without the use of reverse after 3-hour flight ... And just because FSPassenger "adopted" skating on the unfinished part of the runway for the "bulging", was very upset alik_tequila, 12 years ago, #
Well, of course, rolled, covering not only the texture) Vladimir_76, 12 years ago, #
to deneb. Land does not interfere. Takes place only above situation. I talked about the night textures of objects and the platform. In my view your project deserves more careful study of the night kind of port. We're doing a scene besplatno.A means happiness what that experience from his work. Want happiness? Give it first yuzeram.Vsmatrivaytes out the window at night, when kurite.Kak look pavement under lights. How are the walls on which the light falls on them Capture everything you see. And then "repeat" is in its stsene.Rezultaty stun Vas.Uveren! alik_tequila, 12 years ago, #
to alik_tequila: as you know, how would you have the author's mother, smoking from all the beauty of the port with the FPS slide show? And all this is still only one core, with the majority of average power, and this is now Look at what a fantastic masterpieces can make the guys on this rinky-dink engine nines! Vladimir_76, 12 years ago, #
At the expense of night textures, I agree. In the subject I wrote about this. I repeat: "Initially, the port was placed under FSX, and then was converted into a format FS2004. Version was virtually identical, although some differences still exists. The fact that originally this was done under a different sim, all still makes itself known (eg, I it seems, the night turned out too light), maybe later even take a walk with a file specified by devyatochnoy version. " You understand that all the textures repaint - it's not five minutes of work. At the expense of the band - read readme, there is described how to bring the port into a state in 2009, with a long strip. But now she is really short. FSPassenger you did not disappoint. Soon, I hope, will make 3500, then try and implement it in the scene. And trust me on word that scene I did, not for evaluation. deneb, 12 years ago, #
As with everything, look forward to. Immediately, I want to argue at the same time Vladimir. About the slideshow, I'm a completely different opinion. First! In this scenario, not so much object to get slideshows. Second! What is the difference that "shows" on the textures! Once they are in the scene, the reality of the "pictures" on them will not affect the fps. Third! Scene weights only when one object refers to multiple textures SIMULTANEOUSLY. If he turns to one day and night to another-FPS did not even "guess" ... He totally FIG picture quality, or so-so ... alik_tequila, 12 years ago, #
"... He is quite FIG picture quality, or so-so ..." - Oh yes! With the others agreed) Vladimir_76, 12 years ago, #
Believe me, Vladimir, and this. FPS is also sensitive to the size of the texture sheet, rather than dimensions of the texture If the image is meticulously worked on the same srednechke to 512 sq / PCB-sim swallow this thing "Hurrah," and another asks. I'm not at govoryu.Spetsy proved. alik_tequila, 12 years ago, #