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The video shows approach, landing and taxi of a heavy business jet Challenger 605 on runway 20 of international Gorno-Altaysk Airport (IATA: RGK, ICAO: UNBG). It is an airport in Russia located 9 km west of Gorno-Altaysk. It services small airliners. In 2019, 102,338 passengers passed through this airport. In 2011, the construction of a new terminal and a new and modern runway, for accepting larger aircraft, was finished. The new terminal and runway were first tested by an Airbus A319 completing a S7 Airlines flight to Novosibirsk.
IFR approach carried out by summer day in foggy, almost calm windy conditions. Taxiing ends on the apron, at the parking stand number 5. The video was filmed by GoPro 3 camera in the maximum possible resolution.
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