Aerodrom ROSTO (DOSAAF) Kashtak. The airfield has a 60 per cent similarity with the real, but it is compensated for the absence of this wonderful airport. I would be glad if someone would bring to perfection and ready to lay out. I would myself, but I do not have any force is not the time ...
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Someone besides me yuzaet 2002?? CCCP-11156, 15 years ago, #
Rate this file please. Semeneshchen, 15 years ago, #
Why do you score? You karmadro4er chtoli? ekha, 15 years ago, #
No, I just want what my job is very honest. Semeneshchen, 15 years ago, #
Sorry, I S‰R°SЃ very far from where the mestv 2002 Are you the author yuzaete? If so drop in hp RїR»RyoR·R·! CCCP-11156, 15 years ago, #
Seminishev-thief. Admins delete this his "beautiful creature" a-fgh2011, 14 years ago, #
The file he stole from the 2004 scenarios. a-fgh2011, 14 years ago, #
круто ! Понравилось! sergey34, 5 years ago, #
O_o amdRAF, 5 years ago, #
Super! I have a dozen works! THANK YOU! A Mogocha could not have done? ai320us, 13 years ago, #
Bravo tried. You do not pay for bad comments. 3456, 14 years ago, #
Excellent airport can say native lohlox, 14 years ago, #
About! Very long ago, it was not visible. ekha, 15 years ago, #
By the way, here is another:​cenarii-44/addon-k-scenariyu-a​erodroma-rosto-kashtak-vg-chit​e-2947.html?action=comments&am​p;hl =% F7% E8% F2% E0 Something suspiciously similar size. ekha, 15 years ago, #