The texture on the model of the Tu-154 VITAMIN Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School UVAU GA. I do not remember I was lecturing her or not, made long ago in any case, if and lecturing, I replaced the MAP landing gear with a cream color to gray, and at the bow of the fonts were written the words "UVAU GA", on the screenshot, made long-cream stands, and the inscription is not the one in the archive mapy necessary, do not look at the screenshot, it was made long ago.:) successful flight and Happy New Year!
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→ Date: 10 years ago (30.12.2009 20:17)
→ Author: Харисов Антон aka @ntuan
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Там заглушки стоят, а как их на Витаминовской модели ставить? muamor, 6 years ago, #
A fine livery. serg09, 10 years ago, #
Thank you, will be more. Only in the new year already:) @ntuan, 10 years ago, #
Give AJT RA-85704?! )) Captain_Denis, 10 years ago, #
I remember the look, the time will do! @ntuan, 10 years ago, #
)) Captain_Denis, 10 years ago, #
It's a shame that I did not learn how to vitamin skins bolted shura61, 10 years ago, #
A manual of Denis Minaev, where every detail has been pointed out that what is responsible of registration liveries, but no, removed. Try to look here may help. Http://​c/55844-katalog-tekstur-dlya-t​u-154m-ot-vitamina/page__st__2​0 @ntuan, 10 years ago, #
Another model used for this texture update, it would have been a gift! S N T! ми8т, 10 years ago, #
Happy!:) I think it will be, and what was meant by date? More detailed? @ntuan, 10 years ago, #
Thank you very much. Ant0n1o, 10 years ago, #
without evaluation, escape hatches are not correct FlyIl, 10 years ago, #
You do not all correct. What is not a texture lyapy. @ntuan, 10 years ago, #
excellent! thanks)) Striker_912, 10 years ago, #
Unequivocally "5"! Although I am nowhere to be said, but was sure that you narisuesh it overboard. I wonder why? :) ekha, 10 years ago, #
The texture on the basis of white texture Borodin Igor aka Arhangel. @ntuan, 10 years ago, #
RљSЂR°SЃR°RІR°! Maxim_Utair, 10 years ago, #
Spasiiiiiiibo =) MeGaFiT, 10 years ago, #
Always pozhaluystooooo.)) @ntuan, 10 years ago, #
... Captain_Denis, 10 years ago, #

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