IL-62M | Rating: 4.7!
This model assembly in open spaces Avsima. Includes panel FAC, the second pilot and navigator. Completed with an increase in exhaust fumes of gas, as well as the voice of the crew of the Ilyushin Il-76TD. In the toolbox is a calculator for calculating the fuel, and a few more "stuff" for fans of the IL-62M
→ Size: 69 MB
→ Date: 9 years ago (28.12.2009 17:49)
→ Author: Project Tupolev
→ Uploaded by: ValeryS (uploaded 1 files )
→ Approved by moderator: UDVA
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
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Yeah .... too! Cheated of course! I was flying so much so that after my landing gear failed in the band?? Galimoshnik, 8 years ago, #
Usually do a test takeoff and landing, looking for problems at home, and then reduce the score, IMHO Vladimir_76, 8 years ago, #
It's probably just you so! VYLL, 8 years ago, #
Все делают и делают ИЛ-62, а никак не могут сделать с ВК. Безобразие! Артем, 5 years ago, #
На дату посмотрите, да и если такое безобразие, дак сделайте сами... ValeryS, 5 years ago, #
Если и будет ИЛ-62 с ВК,то только в Икс-плейне,тут никогда))) AlbertBY, 3 years ago, #
Вообще-то дорисовывают для fsx. All_HafRA, 1 year ago, #
Who - anyone have a config 3D Lights? Share please. RaserX, 8 years ago, #
See Licko jess_76, 8 years ago, #
А мне можно тоже?? Артемий_78762, 7 years ago, #
Отправил в личку RaserX, 7 years ago, #
Then I put the Great! PS: Happy all! ;) serg09, 9 years ago, #
Assessment for improvement. serg09, 9 years ago, #
During assembly of thanks, but breached the line of sight from the cab, it's like a fly in the ointment. Return the angle of view from the cab as it was in the original model of PT and then it will be hard 5, but still 4 ... Orion2, 9 years ago, #
A cr is? Angelpro, 9 years ago, #
IL-62 with VC is not in the nature Эрих Хартман, 9 years ago, #
In nature there is, in no Sim deltaplan, 9 years ago, #
Pity Angelpro, 9 years ago, #
yes 2 times already written above that in order to Sim no. Partizan-cs, 9 years ago, #
Fellows, more pozitiva.Sformuliruyu different: Theme with VC until we can put in the closet, RѕRѕRѕS‡RµRЅSЊ doolgy. If more then the site PT, there is a support section of the project Fri IL-62. Sincerely, Anton deltaplan, 9 years ago, #
просто пять! komp, 2 years ago, #
с большим минусом. Оригинальный экзешный файл от РТ в 3 раза легче. Здесь жаловались на скрин, так он потому и "сделан на закате" чтобы скрыть "косяк" ливреи Россия-ВВС, т.к. текстуры не чёткие. Единственный плюс архива - наличие калькулятора топлива. gorky-wings, 4 years ago, #
Сборка действительно хороша.Но у меня вопрос;1.Есть ли в данной сборке сервисный прибор?2.При входе на панель штурмана потом не могу из неё выйти.Подскажите как. GOY, 7 years ago, #
Сервисный есть, вызов- "мышиная" зона слева от указателя числа Маха на панели 1 пилота (в этой модели вообще куча "мышиных" зон), выход с панели штурмана банально- "пробел". Ну и ветка форума по Ил-62 вам в поиощь! Смотрящий, 7 years ago, #
Guys tell me what the problem. No sounds, and Shem writes an error file FSdll pilotvmf2, 8 years ago, #
Download this file -​tiliti-45/​ml?action=download&;hl = Cast the contents of the archive to a folder Modules. praga, 8 years ago, #
all good, nice modelka ... when the engines before take-off is unwound so loud speakers, the room already smelled of kerosene ... ldno, but I have no one competent flaps are not available ... reinstalled several times, the result is a zero ... I'm doing wrong? Гаврик, 8 years ago, #
as flaps produced than?? pilotvmf2, 8 years ago, #
Standard there should not plow the mouse to keep the flap switch in the cockpit. Orion2, 8 years ago, #
Wonderful aircraft with four points of support, thought to be a barrier to do so. Almost everything is made fun, that's just fuel system is confusing, there are some - that putannitsa: for example, after the depopulation of some tanks topped up there a little kerosene, and the costs thereof, or reciprocal transfer, or discharge, no. Just wondering on the navigational bar, pop-up mini - bar there, does it work? There is still remark - at low altitude, you can safely fly with a dash speed of more than 1000 km / h. In general, the machine separately. АНТОН_ОБЛЕЗИН, 8 years ago, #
Why chassis fail? TUPOLEV114, 9 years ago, #
Thanks for a great airplane! igorvp72, 9 years ago, #
thankyou AleshaAirForse, 9 years ago, #
Thank you Ravnmm, 9 years ago, #
Thank you! Everything was going to collect myself, and now you're done! Main nothing spoiled! I am a conservative by nature:) UEMJ, 9 years ago, #
I beg your pardon, I set the model, but not exactly when loading the very "low speed", and when I give take-off, everyone is silent (((And when he load the simulator at the beginning of the message goes on is not compatible FSSound.dll WeGЎcan ON THAT DO ME .. And I remained enthusiastic about the fact that, complete with a screen overboard in Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky (DME) I'll fly it overboard!! Avsimer_Denis, 9 years ago, #
Just below, scroll to comment STRELOK2014. mikuz, 9 years ago, #​1wb9wanbg link to download the device copilot.gau, so people are not looking for a long time, and I have very question. What better perezalit IL-62, or lay out separately still there lights 3D. ValeryS, 9 years ago, #
Thank you! I must have read my comments on the normal ... I have to deposit a long time does not swing (((And yet, my question is about traffic ... If someone is ready to tolerate me, write to lichku please) Avsimer_Denis, 9 years ago, #
The men and the launch is implemented, or just Ctrl + E Учлет, 9 years ago, #
Yes, unfortunately the same CTRL + E,​c/66363-gde-vzyat-horoshiy-il-​62/page__st__480 ValeryS, 9 years ago, #
The men, all well, of course, but (there is one thing but) if someone can, please do MODELKU good, but it topologies call my boss, a former pilot, steamed, I want to IL-62nd fly. This, says no channel (in terms of the model:)) RїR»RyoR· who can! Happy New Year !!!!! shur1kz, 9 years ago, #
Very good model! Everything works properly, thanks! 5 + Lars_Ulrich, 9 years ago, #
I join the assessment, a complete package and everything works perfectly! Interestingly, a Hetvild and Hammett have already downloaded this model ?-))) ROCK_AVIA, 9 years ago, #
A hto such Hetvild and Hammett? mikuz, 9 years ago, #
The evaluation set man with the nickname Lars Ulrich, and is the name of the founder and drummer of Metallica, and James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett constant of the guitarists kollektiva.Nu so I asked, they have already downloaded this model or not ?!))) ROCK_AVIA, 9 years ago, #
like a joke)) sylvestr, 9 years ago, #
Unfortunately no)) Air Force guys are not attracted to)) I am one)) Lars_Ulrich, 9 years ago, #
Make voice acting for the IL-86 Владимир Пахомов, 9 years ago, #
after installing this pack on top of the original 62-second sound disappeared fishing rod: (In other crafting all ok .. qip88, 9 years ago, #
The fact that I put the sound D-30KU (ie his family), and lie in the original sounds from Tupolev, respectively, it is desirable or delete a folder with the plane and zanogo copy it, or try out separately in the aircraft folder to copy the folder Sound.D -30KU and file Aircraft.cfg (along with the replacement), if you have changed Aircraft.cfg original, and do not want to delete, then the livery that would like to put sound in Aircraft.cfg lines Sound = need to write D-30KU soovestvenno . Example: "model = sound = D-30KU texture = vim" ValeryS, 9 years ago, #
Thank you, now try to) with folders sound likely nahimichil) qip88, 9 years ago, #
RњR°R»R°RґRµS†! excellent zborka, I imagine the same he has collected:) SkySniper, 9 years ago, #
Not bad ... to be honest to me all these disassembly already steamed about the authorship ... Specified that the author nT + refinement and good. Especially Fri model abandoned already ... STRELOK2014, 9 years ago, #
Contact Earn Points tweak nada ... rear racks go a little bit. "Includes ... voice of the crew of the Il-76TD." not uslashal something ... STRELOK2014, 9 years ago, #
ValeryS forgot to insert the package copilot.gau mikuz, 9 years ago, #
link to S‚R°RґS‹ nedostoyuschie files ... Earn Points and popravte contact pliz .. STRELOK2014, 9 years ago, #​1wb9wanbg link to download the device copilot.gau ValeryS, 9 years ago, #
STRELOK2014, wrong, not abandoned. bocman, 9 years ago, #
would really like to hope so ... STRELOK2014, 8 years ago, #
and sreens normal way to fill? aiRoNe, 9 years ago, #
Not one to me they do not like ... pashtet, 9 years ago, #
Guys don `t know about you, but I swing the better and all he will discuss, it's easier. On screen vseravno Nehram not see properly ... VESPA, 9 years ago, #
I apologize for the Scrin, lays the first time ... ValeryS, 9 years ago, #
Yes apologize enough, all normalno.I that the habit of some hand to give beginners the first rabotu.Cheloveka support necessary to continue the process of normal walking. deltaplan, 9 years ago, #
Thank you begin to swing! Beautiful airplane! VESPA, 9 years ago, #
It accidentally PT? pulkovo2, 9 years ago, #
Yes, model them. ValeryS, 9 years ago, #
Authorship changed. ValeryS - next time banned. Read the rules carefully when post file. Lenya69, 9 years ago, #
Judging from the archive Fri + Revised author deltaplan, 9 years ago, #
Refinement is the "assembly in open spaces Avsima? Lenya69, 9 years ago, #
And the size of the archive nothing said? In its initial form it is in my opinion twice as less. deltaplan, 9 years ago, #
Modalities including many archival without data compression is the first and the second is the fact that collected from the world of a thread that does not mean he had done. Related Files Yes. Or do you propose to change the author's back? Lenya69, 9 years ago, #
As regards the author's model, you certainly pravy.Naschet rest hold my mnenii.I even if I do something and suggested - that would have changed? deltaplan, 9 years ago, #
Screenshot of this model's face, and you have turned photograph of a person in place pashtet, 9 years ago, #
Ok, next time mend ...) ValeryS, 9 years ago, #
Who said that the screenshot - is a model's face? Screenshot MSFS - A computerized image made during the game in the simulator! But the camera angle, etc. not stated no where what should be! So, do not bother to relizeru. Author fellow! But the next time Look forward to the cabin in addition:) VESPA, 9 years ago, #
You will excuse me, I may put it bluntly, do not want. In addition, I agree with you it is good to see the full all :):):) VESPA, 9 years ago, #
I deleted the post, I saw that you answered, everything is OK I understand pashtet, 9 years ago, #
And Fri aware of what you have posted them to the file here? They gave permission to do so? SU7, 9 years ago, #
not worth it, I think to start this topic ... dima-Utair, 9 years ago, #

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