Sounds for the An-26
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→ Date: 20 years ago (15.10.2003 21:03)
→ Author: Николай INS Самсонов
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can call it is not reversible, I am thinking of changing the angle of attack when the propeller is the sound. Yes, yes, yes it is reverse reverse thrust, but it is just changing the angle to the targets of negative thrust, by the above-said ... Sounds this author remain the most reliable, all try ... Echo, 18 years ago, #
Reversi just not, and is not expected .. Boeing, 18 years ago, #
exactly not? M) fly-max, 18 years ago, #
Incidentally reversal of the An-s no. And with the normal dynamics of this "reverse" should not be heard. There are removed from the sound of the propeller stops, and it is formed in the An-24 special device. Agat, 18 years ago, #
And how to understand the words Echo: This is the best sound of all the proposals. Reverse 5 + hum and vibration 5 +?? Boeing, 18 years ago, #
Yes, in principle, you will notice a mixture of sounds from different craft, but agree it turned out just delicious! Pasibki Таракан, 18 years ago, #
I have not claimed a 100% match, at that time, there was nothing, I laid out my version, and especially pay attention to the date INS, 18 years ago, #
Some comments becoming a dead end .. was a heap of new sounds for the AN-24, some of our own zapiyvali from the aircraft, and colleagues to cut .. And then mixed the sounds of Hercules (60%) + Tsessna (30%) + AN-26 (10 %) = and this is the best of all the .. Boeing, 18 years ago, #
This is the best sound of all the proposals. Reverse 5 + hum and vibration 5 + Thank you. Echo, 18 years ago, #