There are legends that the development of the An-12 was initiated by Nikita Khrushchev during a visit to the battery. He asked during the inspection of the An-8, which have analogues abroad. After learning that there is a similar aircraft with four engines, suggested that the Soviet Union must also make planes with four engines. Afterwards, Oleg Konstantinovich Antonov An-conceived future 12.Parallelno began developing the AN-10 and AN-12. For aircraft engines were selected AI-20. The first An-12 flew at Irkutsk on Dec. 16, 1957 goda.S 1959 aircraft began to be delivered to the Air Force. In the operation of its authorized takeoff weight was increased to 61, and subsequently to 64 tons. The aircraft has established itself as a very reliable machine capable of working in difficult climatic conditions, and unpretentious service. The plane was actively used for military purposes, in emergencies, for the transfer of military equipment and personnel for the landing, as well as for passenger transport. It became the engine of development impact of the Soviet Air Force. "Black Tulip" - the informal name of the AN-12, carrying the bodies of dead Soviet soldiers (Cargo 200) from Afghanistan during the Afghan War (1979-1989). Adapting to FSX.Fail published with permission.
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The author of the model. I asked for - the responsibility to adapt to you - specify, please, your name and surname, rather than simply "B. Zhigulsky." A "fluffy" because he is simply the work of pity - in fact done, and considerable, though I continue to oppose all adaptations from one version to another - to do model-specific version originally. zh03, 9 years ago, #
Спасибо evgdea, 8 years ago, #
Five-five and only five !!!!!!!!!! Megarespektische author. Pepelats just super.Ot sound engines just lead obpisalsya hot !!!!!!! We have no craft. The only windows that would like to make transparent. Matrix_Buka, 8 years ago, #
Пипец, как он мне нравится!!! Единственно жаль нет ночного освещения ВК en7613, 1 year ago, #
good Amyr1976, 4 years ago, #
Как рампу открыть???? =Gnom=, 4 years ago, #
Не рампа,а створки грузолюка! SEMEN0FF, 4 years ago, #
Ну створки грузолюка. Но открыть то как? Не открывается.Раньше с другой панелью открывалась. Поставил панель для широкоформатных мониторов 16:9. Не могу найти тумблеров отвечающих за открытие створок грузового отсека. Может быть комбинация клавиш есть? =Gnom=, 4 years ago, #
Увы, нету такой комбинации. Vikfis, 4 years ago, #
Значит не открывается теперь? =Gnom=, 4 years ago, #
Супер! Но графически "полноценного" 3D кокпита не хватает. Будем ждать может появится. А то обидно за отечественного производителя. Забил бы на все иностранные модели,летал бы только на наших, но наши сделаны как попало, качество моделей 1989 годов а на дворе 2014 все таки. Остается верить и ждать. Viktor48, 5 years ago, #
Достойно Славян-Дзюдо, 6 years ago, #
Почему на одном самолете приборы показывают одну величину в двух форматах?
Вариометр в футах.
Альтиметр в метрах.
В автопилоте что за шкала альтиметра?
0-30-61-90-120 почему через 30, в каких значениях идет ?
Очень обидно что на хороший самолет не нашлось нормального автопилота.
Алексей51, 8 years ago, #
Еще добавлю что стрелки на приборах в 3D показывают не адекватные величины. Хотя это может только у меня так. Viktor48, 5 years ago, #
Модель супер, единстыенно у меня почему то кабина прозрчная,приборы на месте а стенок кабины нет. Я еще не смышленый в этих вопросах, подскажите плз. как устранить? Hogorn, 8 years ago, #
Извиняюсь, проблема решена. Hogorn, 8 years ago, #
Best Russian models for FSX I do not vstrechal.Spasibo. fsreal, 9 years ago, #
Can not tune the radio unicom, this is only the ability, or even someone such a problem? fsreal, 9 years ago, #
Already see, not only for me, so what to do, somebody nashol out? fsreal, 9 years ago, #
Setting up the radio and in the 9-ke does not work. Maybe this topic is the answer:​c/70511-an-12-v-zhigulskogo/ Beckar, 9 years ago, #
great job, thanks to the authors! killj, 9 years ago, #
how to plan a route on it? Explain or Temko Online Throw KuZ9a, 9 years ago, #
By GPS. In radiopaneli have a switch NAV-GPS, autopilot panel is a button NAV. When the switch is in radiopaneli fly on the route is loaded in the GPS, when turned off - hold the course on the final approach or fly to the beacon. Beckar, 9 years ago, #
Say like, do not say anything))) Sound wrote boiling water, with my Batkittere fly, shaking from the vibrations in real life))) One problem with the VK trekirom what UTB does not work. I've lost touch with species keys to change. Maybe there is a cure for stupidity of this myself. PythonDAS, 9 years ago, #
Can anyone suggest how it fully loaded, if regulated only by the weight of the crew? Field to enter the weight of the load is absent. If the load through the weight of the crew - it turns unnatural front tsetrovka :-) Maybe that configuration manually correct? mia111, 9 years ago, #
Volodya, well done very realistically, as well as TU-95.Na small things do not pay attention - this is not studio dizayna.I esche.Net aircraft in which everything is always rabotaet.Podskazhi can-whether to increase the angular velocity of these models and how set AN-26 (folder "aircraft"). Thank you again and with the best. Командир, 9 years ago, #
Thanks for a wonderful machine! "The only thing not working nav.ogni on the wings and will not open the cargo hatch, containers and UAZ go through the board, can anyone knows medicine Garri2, 9 years ago, #
May 5 and 5! StarwaveX, 9 years ago, #
Great airplane! Sanja23, 9 years ago, #
If this one with the 9-ki, it is not clear what's up with the dynamics. I sat down for fun in Art. Bartolamee (FlyTampa):) though I needed only half of the band, if not less. Valeroyd, 9 years ago, #
Excellent! Everything works. I Overclocking litsenziya.Otlichno today flew from Nizhny Novgorod to Cheboksary.Spasibo for Kraft! Дальнобой, 9 years ago, #
Run-it works. Especially since it is more or less poobvykneshsya. The only trouble so far left - is not working radio. I can not set the desired frequency is on the radio. There is no way to contact the supervisor, by exhibiting the desired frequency on the panel. Or you have it working? Tell us how to do? kievbsm, 9 years ago, #
Yes anything over about nedelal.Vse vystavlyaetsya.Myshkoy handles settings where the hand is presented with a + and -. That's interesting to him suitable panel vylazhennaya sdes in panels for FSX? Дальнобой, 9 years ago, #
So I'm doing. + And - appear, and the frequency on the screen does not change. Strangely it all. kievbsm, 9 years ago, #
Well, there probably should ask more advanced simerov.Poprobuy reinstall the plane! Vobschem I am getting a set of frequencies is presented soznakom hand and press, all the frequencies vystavlyayutsya.Mozhet crooked rose samol? Дальнобой, 9 years ago, #
Now I have both; 1.Vklyuchayu akkamulyatory in the panel to start the engines (without this, even non-responsive police department, the radio also nenastraevaetsya). Once incorporated akkamulyatory it works! Only adjust the rate to 117kGts some reason. Дальнобой, 9 years ago, #
And like this - reinstall the plane? He also, I did, just unpack an archive and shove about under certain folders. Or something I did wrong? To 117 kHz - a whirling configuration in NAV. They somehow just up and running. But the settings in the COM does not work. Roughly speaking, the one radio station, which is located in the lower right corner radiopaneli, which has two pen settings, volume control and switch (I think) the noise of NSD. That's it, when you hover over a pen settings, + and - appear, but not pressing, LMB or RMB did not change (though I still turn the wheel on a mouse tried - the same result). However, if through a window to apply to the UVD Manager - the screen of the radio station immediately change frequency to that which is necessary to work with the dispatcher. kievbsm, 9 years ago, #
Someone shouted that there UAZ somewhere you done?))) How to do this? I can not empty only fly with UAZ! -)) Novocaine, 9 years ago, #
Damn, and I warned-Fs9 and FSX - not the same. It's like in the old Jewish joke-Potts and intilligent concepts are close, but still there are two big differences ... zh03, 9 years ago, #
If this is the same that is laid out for the Antonov was on planes for 9-ki it I have: windows do not adapt (transparent only with a large deletion), the station is not configured, the engine handles only run number 1, cannot screw with the animation. Everything else rabotaet.Vse still better than nothing, especially the cool leaves UAZ-469 from the cargo bay. arnoldych.69, 9 years ago, #
And you tell me a solution for these questions: 1. Not possible to configure the radio. Only through the menu ATC. This is how it should be or should be something somewhere to fix? 2. I, for some reason, fully loaded, the plane takes off at a power on the engines in the 30% band in the 800 meters. And then, without reducing the pace, climbing nearly 10,000 feet. That somehow, as I understand it, you fix it? 3. Can not start the engines of the state of Cold & Dark. Running is only when using the combination Ctrl + E. By the way, also hardship with shoes, until I found that, in particular, for me, after running the motors are turned off, fuel pumps for all engines. Once I include them in the manual mode and lights green light bulbs, shoes are removed. Maybe someone will prove useful. kievbsm, 9 years ago, #
Колодки убираются Ctrl + Shift - F4 ! А вот как рапу открыть так и не понял я. =Gnom=, 4 years ago, #
+100 Ringo, 9 years ago, #
! Avsimer_Denis, 9 years ago, #
Thank you very much airplane. I have shoes removed by pressing the combination Ctrl + Shift + F4. There is a nuance: not working krutilki to change radio frequencies. ko4eBNik, 9 years ago, #
and VC is? Dimax3, 9 years ago, #
Good model! And like his shoes are removed and opened a ramp? BUDAP66, 9 years ago, #
I agree with you the model and so on 4-plus pulls but shoes are on my nerves. PpKxcE, 9 years ago, #
Nice plane! Andrey_1, 9 years ago, #
We fly over Anapa! Zorgair, 9 years ago, #
555! Well smokehouse! All super! Thanks to author! Zorgair, 9 years ago, #
totally agree!! after the engine is visible plume of fuel burned! (it's like the first Sim aircraft with such realism !!!!) Zikki, 9 years ago, #
Model perfect, but I'm on it in the X-ke flying already davno.Edinstvennoe that require adaptation to the X-ke + Overclocking, it's the texture of glass cockpit, and everything else works fine in the author's versii.Kstati, glass on the screenshot is not adapted. (my comp .- Win-7, MFSX + Acceleration) sky1402, 9 years ago, #
totally agree, by the way who needs customized glasses can not send or avsim fill. Vitalka, 9 years ago, #
Please come out! Дальнобой, 9 years ago, #
A dynamic v10 for 9-accurate An-12 is going - to 10-ke to this model can be screwed? ARTMOTO63, 9 years ago, #
You can ... BigDen, 9 years ago, #
Ca. HOW ???!! If you like the 9-ke, it is not, the plane becomes invisible! Pliz tell me do not be lazy, as it is screwed into 10-ke? " ARTMOTO63, 9 years ago, #
pens through the program AircraftAirfileManager ... simultaneously open native dynamics of the model and the dynamics of V10 and curls the dynamics of the model to the performance V10 .... BigDen, 9 years ago, #
Share this program pliz: [email protected] or give ssylochku. Thanks;) ARTMOTO63, 9 years ago, #
Share this program pliz: [email protected] or give ssylochku. Thanks;) ARTMOTO63, 9 years ago, #
All is not necessary, screw in the usual way. ARTMOTO63, 9 years ago, #
Skachal.Poletal.Ponravilos.Spasibo.Davno waited Antonov. steinev, 9 years ago, #
Super Airplane! Poster respect! Ил-76, 9 years ago, #
Added, would immediately and a good panel that Sins has done (I'm sure that this band was, would not mind), that-be users are not obsessed, and there is a good speaker. And so, I do not quite understand what the adaptation-even teksturki not to pinch a DDS. Kirill Konovalov, 9 years ago, #
Do not know how everyone and I really enjoyed it - well done that has helped revive the little X!!! PpKxcE, 9 years ago, #
Dynamics is not real. A feeling that the engines are installed from a minimum of AN-22. A general impression is good. vvk, 9 years ago, #
Upload it completely. Try again Владимир Пахомов, 9 years ago, #
super-duper airplane! " Zikki, 9 years ago, #
And the author himself asked? As far as I know he is very criticized for the fact that the model in 10 tolkayut.Smotri, zvezdyuley from him get away with some already got on the forums for such feats. SuVitalik, 9 years ago, #
Ask, do not worry. All right. omega, 9 years ago, #
I'm not worried, I warned to avoid isteriki.Vladimira not understand, he tore all to undermine the German kresty.A there was fluffy and allowed. SuVitalik, 9 years ago, #
Good enough. Qualitative detail. There is a theme for loading and unloading. But the dynamic is not quite accurate. IRAs are also untrue. Nevertheless, solid foursome. (For the quality of appearance) Asterix, 9 years ago, #

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