The international airport in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Located in a suburb of Helsinki - Vantaa, about 19 miles north of downtown Helsinki [2]. First class airport has three runways and can take most modern types of aircraft. A Helsinki-Vantaa Airport is more than 90% of international flights in Finland. Airport accepts planes more than 30 airlines, including Russian.
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→ Date: 11 years ago (07.09.2010 19:46)
→ Author: Mikael Kuusela, Jari Varje
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удаленный комментарий
great! skiflyzander, 8 years ago, #
nice namal245, 9 years ago, #
what else to say about such a scenario can only dream about success in the endeavor! igor_spb, 10 years ago, #
To 9 do not fit? madara-exgta, 10 years ago, #
For the nine EFHK and many other great Finnish scenarios lie on / projects / mtrfva, 10 years ago, #
Scenario super! Only one problem - planes do not appear in the gate. How do I fix it? aers, 10 years ago, #
Try disabling the shadows of objects in the settings! FIN350, 10 years ago, #
Thank you disabled shadow and the airport come to life! Work even "parktronics" (do not know how correctly they are called) have gates. But resources scene eats a lot, but it's worth it. Alexuhmm, 10 years ago, #
Score file! I'm for! that he was on this site! mark979, 11 years ago, #
Why lay out a scenario for 2004 in the section for Sim FSH.Eto I feel stupid and misleading people. bossound, 11 years ago, #
to archive it at least looked into? or on the link in the description? SLAVJAN, 11 years ago, #
so why is not written that this scene was originally made for 9 Sim and the author made a patch that allows the scene to work and 10 sime. Then, and write a scene with a patch, or even just the posted patch. bossound, 11 years ago, #
in this archive there is no separate patch is ready for installation into FSX scene. SLAVJAN, 11 years ago, #
answer, downloading originalyny patch that is not the final version and still are working on version. and you put it on his own risk. And all those who laid out this scenario was good from the author for publication. Here is an excerpt from the original file Rilma For distributional rights via your own web portal, contact the author to obtain licensing. I think the translation is not required for the moderators. bossound, 11 years ago, #
What do you razvonyalsya? Beta version, but fully working, bug not noticed. You see much hooked, so take it and call him and tell him, let him come and face me cluttered up in such a case, which I highly doubt, but in general, Finish here whining, tedious spammer! FIN350, 11 years ago, #
as a young man I did not used to call. I do not soggy spammer. and it stinks, we know that. bossound, 11 years ago, #