Pilot Lech on phones and cameras on board
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I fully agree with the opinion of the pilot Lehi. :) The ban on photos of the plane existed in Soviet times, during the Cold War. It was believed that an American spy masquerades as a passenger Soviet aircraft, will be photographed from an airplane by the Soviet secret facilities. :) Then, as in the proverb, the circus left, clowns left. The Cold War ended, the modern space technology, produces high-quality photographs of any "secret facility, including events, when you entered the village toilet.:) In general, many airlines do not prohibit such, take pictures, whatever you want. Regarding mobile phones, in my personal observation, during takeoff and landing of non-use. Yes, even if it used, any problems for the flight is not created. Come with your mobile phone for review airport radar, and compare who has more antenna. :) interflug8, 10 years ago, #
Will be photographed from an airplane by the Soviet secret facility "and did in Soviet times" pascazhirskie "flew over the secret objects? Nikd4, 10 years ago, #
There is such a thing: "airport co-location". On the one hand runway civilian aircraft, on the other hand, military fighter aircraft. That is of interest to foreign intelligence:) interflug8, 10 years ago, #
inteflug8, all these planes, helicopters stay well clear of Google's. What spy subverted and climb into the plane with a bad review? :) RAID74, 10 years ago, #
Where is the connection between by Google and then the Soviet Union? Ру19300, 10 years ago, #
hmm .. I thought that interflug8 says about our time, and not about the Soviet Union ... apparently I was wrong. RAID74, 10 years ago, #
Pearl: 1. landing boltnulo - camera in weightlessness%) 2. presented with horizontal backs off) Vladimir_76, 10 years ago, #
I do not know how to strolling on the head fotik, while a strong rough air at meoego neighbor for a number of new laptop fell off the shelf. Luckily no one was hurt and the new laptop is intact, chUmadan was protected from blows =))) HAMELION, 10 years ago, #
Hostess Krivorukov. Shelves are not able to close. Grixa_95, 10 years ago, #
Actually shelves tend to open regardless of the hands of attendants. Lion King, 10 years ago, #
2. Presented with horizontal backs off "Well done. Listen carefully. Jondo, 10 years ago, #
Horizontally or vertically. :) What is the difference in the horseradish. Fly so far on the route.:) interflug8, 10 years ago, #
For comment put a solid 10! Really feel like a spy, when the same cell (I have it pretty good video recording) begins taxiing takeoff landing shoot ... until jokes already gone to nokii prog not find that the red LED turns off .. had to duct tape to seal so that BP is not vkurse were ... voobshchem paranoia, I'm about C7 now .. others did not fly, do not know ... but with the pilots Lehoy agrees to 20000% shooting must at least ignore, and not Ridicule nakornyu, the phone always put flaymod .. Microwave know enough about (for himself in the field of development communication work including equipment for aircraft) is bullshit, but sometimes uncharged gun can fire a shot, here is better than perebdit nedobdet ... ian_novak, 10 years ago, #
Here I do not remember anyone talking about the deviation of the arrows of Directors on landing, or LL, or at Ershov read somewhere, but this happened and the impact of mobile phones on Radioavionika can not be excluded von_Stierlitz, 10 years ago, #
Yershov Y.)) citrus-94, 9 years ago, #
interesting and praivilno tupol154b2, 10 years ago, #
Do warriors Katete running around diappazone close to 900 MHz, and RSBN, and this is close to the frequency of cellular communication. Near our military airfield (on the traverse) put a tower (base station), mobile and direct and RSBN and sides have had to show weather :-))) warriors by experimentation to change channels (frequencies) of the equipment that was normal :-) ) Mihail Stepanov, 10 years ago, #
Nice to hear. And the question in its place and there is no water, cool!) Ilimsky, 9 years ago, #
All genius is simply! daewooo, 9 years ago, #
Now bring the quote about the "promotion of aviation through photography" to all the AK-that would have removed prohibitions stupid though, would be in flight at FL! ))) dinsoft, 9 years ago, #
Especially Transaero serjfly, 9 years ago, #
all laid out on shelves) thanks for the video GOOD_NUK, 9 years ago, #
For popularization of aviation Thanks Uncle Lesha and the person who laid out this video :-) von_Stierlitz, 10 years ago, #
But Lech real things interprets! Артемий154М, 10 years ago, #
thanks alexcherezov, 10 years ago, #
With Alexei completely agree. Prohibited, but still make and photo and video. And I just took off. The only thing that once pogranets caught in the frame, then approached and said erase that image. And since everything is normal, without any problems! Alex_DPS, 10 years ago, #
Our crew on board the ordinary cell are issued. Nokii some little old. Jazz, 10 years ago, #
Tatarstan is an example mozila, 10 years ago, #
ILS is not working in gigartsevom range accurately. DME, except that, next in frequency. GSM900 standard itself says about the frequency. love3k, 10 years ago, #
Hehe! Another and GSM and Eales works in megahertz ranges that were more accurate exchange rate system is in the range of frequencies 108-112 MHz, and the glide path operates in the range of frequencies 329-335 MHz, and in the aggregate is obtained Coors glissandnaya system. citrus-94, 10 years ago, #
Granted, not to hear. Heard gigartsevom. love3k, 10 years ago, #
))) citrus-94, 10 years ago, #
Nevertheless, 108-335MGts far from all the GSM frequencies bands. love3k, 10 years ago, #
Well, that and the fact that we bike on the phones interfere with navigation, a myth.))) citrus-94, 10 years ago, #
And here you have already carefully watching. It was said that, theoretically, can influence. But even theoretically can not influence. love3k, 10 years ago, #
Hehe! Well then yes entrap menya.no I think we understand each other!))) citrus-94, 10 years ago, #
And what a range gigartsevy this? :) Ру19300, 10 years ago, #
How do you actually do not understand the question? citrus-94, 10 years ago, #
. qip88, 10 years ago, #
Alex squirmed a bit in the frame, do Specials tabu too dopekayut from time to time? I was prohibited to shoot on board "Avianove", also as a throwback, still sfotal everything he wanted including the flight attendants. Orion2, 10 years ago, #
2:30, I'm not mistaken, or he really said: "When aborted takeoff backrest to a horizontal position?" O_o ridetoglory, 10 years ago, #
At takeoff and landing. Aborted takeoff is very likely part of the takeoff. The back upright to the rear seat occupant could in which case quickly leave his place. The same is true about the window shades - you need all-round visibility to the conductors in the case nepryatnostey where everything is burning and where escape is impossible. I speak as a former conductor of AFL. nostromo, 10 years ago, #
here here! vertically! but as he said - horizontally! ridetoglory, 10 years ago, #
Well, wrong person happens to everyone avialayner, 10 years ago, #
Thank you. skill_mihail, 10 years ago, #
. FreePilot, 10 years ago, #
"PritseNdent" - what is this? Then the "educated" man did not listen. Accordingly, the assessment did not put. Стэнли Подзабор, 10 years ago, #
IMHO! Man obviously education you!)) I do not wish to be rude. citrus-94, 10 years ago, #
100500 LainerRRW, 10 years ago, #
Why obviously? Стэнли Подзабор, 10 years ago, #
Well for starters, what place in aviation do you hold? citrus-94, 10 years ago, #
Everyone in some form another! Vladimir_76, 10 years ago, #
That's what a pity ... citrus-94, 10 years ago, #
Engineer Avionics. And being here, "pritsendent" to my profession? Стэнли Подзабор, 10 years ago, #
Yes to all that you have to understand, working on such a responsible profession, that a person is rarely like that at work in the cell, characteristic of worry, and God forbid something superfluous lyapnut.I not write so ironoziruyuschy comment, to de I am sure that Video you inspected before the end!))) citrus-94, 10 years ago, #
Stanley, as well as you realize that Lech said prItseNdent, and not a precedent? At the hearing the spelling could hear? You heard the letter H, but the two times the word is misspelled. Question: what gnarled Ponte? RAID74, 10 years ago, #

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