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Hello, dear simmery today for your precious attention is invited to mount a 15-minute movie (640x480), taken in autumn 2007, on a flight USCC - USSS. There you will find: - beautiful views of the wing from the plane TU-154 - taxiing, takeoff, taxi again (sorry for the lack of landing - just we were landing in the cockpit, and then asked not to withdraw FAC) - shooting from the cab (not in time of flight) - an array of tasty and sometimes funny moments (with a sense of humor in our order). By the way, I recommend to watch until the end, including and titles: and all of a sudden miss a funny moment? :) Video is not a documentary, and amateur, withdrawn believed: from jolty and other "defects":) In the film, including the use of photographic KursMP (3dMex) and Duffer. Everyone Enjoy! PS By the way! The initial size after installation - 1,6 GB! Thanks to the program Canopus Pro Coder3 (!!!) hint understandable? PPS Mushrooms .... Mushrooms - vesch it! :)))
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