Taking off during the typhoon from the airport to Gonkoge April 19, 2008 (Aeroflot, flight SU596) Просмотр ZIP-архива


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The airport was closed. It was allowed to take off at the discretion of pilots of 11 aircraft. The aircraft flew very slowly. The pilots of each aircraft standing on the runway, a long time to choose the moment when the wind is quieter. 8 aircraft took off. Wind increased. Runway painted red lights. 9 pilots and 11 aircraft found that the take off and can not be turned back liners to the airport. Our Boeing slowly traveled by-ways and stood nose to the wind on the runways. A strong wind hit the plane on the front left. The pilot waited. Wind increased further. Tarry not. Airplane yanked. Dispersal. He slowly outstrips the land. He pulls up and down, swings from side to side. The screen displays the speed and height ..... 2,5,10,14,20 meters ... then 10 meters! 11,12,14,13. Screen is switched. Air-hole. The sound of this, as if we eat on a broken road. Gnashing of metal. Peredomnoy passenger makes a loud exhale through your mouth. He was scared. I am looking out the window, think about yourself. I feel like my heart is pulling out of the chest ... 200 strokes per minute .. as if running for a while ... a short distance head start to root for. Very scary. afraid so ... it's just terrible ... It dramatically lowers the left wing down. I know that there sea. Airport Hong Kong - this bulk island. Around shtormyaschie raging sea. Not uzheli fall? - I asked and turned to the brain. Better not to think ... We are constantly fall in the air holes. The height of 500 meters. The speed of 300-350 kilometers per hour. Speed increases. The pilot made a left turn, not to fly to the center of typhoon. We deployed to the tail. Shaking. The height of 1000 meters. Pilot clears the chassis. Jiggle less. There were a headache. Thanks to the pilots!
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