Heavy landing aircraft Boeing 777aviakompanii AIR FRANCE in bad weather conditions, manually by ILS. The storm, bad visibility, rain.
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As mentioned earlier - the landing lights and DE-ICE in position OFF, with the flaps also unclear, did not seem to end vypustili.Nu and planting rate can be set - makes it easy to set polosu.Voobschem not rated. Zikki, 11 years ago, #
Opensource projects, eh ... you would at least put an accurate rate and planting on it kept Q_ART, 11 years ago, #
landing lights off., DE-ICE-..... opasyan .. astuk777, 11 years ago, #
Do not have showered us with you) Landing liked from mild, such socket only hurt miserable, but everything is visible and readable. The clip does not cause negative emotions, thanks. Vladimir_76, 11 years ago, #
Can be cast aside: D From the evaluation of refrain. Forgot about avtobreyks, landing lights and how visible the flaps nedovypuscheny. The aircraft is not in the landing configuration. limansky, 11 years ago, #