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Departure for the opening above the water environment in a given area.
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Pancake and engines because there were reliable! Better Rolls-Royces of any .... And why? Stalin roared .... and the situation hopeless! Here is the secret zagnoeniya domestic aircraft industry and the rest of the Prom .... - When Medvedev tries ryavknut in the room chuckles ... neighing you thief fucked-being under Stalin! Alvol, 13 years ago, #
Yes, you're right. NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
I agree about the laugh. "Bear" because a pawn that kick the same for the following elections, and for me personally will not be surprising if "Vovochka" will be re-elected. But that's another story. I mean, that Stalin was holding in my hand as such a vast country. He was feared and respected. And this ... In general, all so I understand. NCdancer, 13 years ago, #
Oh, yes, Stalin is cool! Little less that you had these komenty not in a chat room wrote and cut down to Kyle on Solovki, White Sea Canal, or in Magadan, Hark the blood and the remains of frostbitten lungs))) alshe, 13 years ago, #
But the order in the country was ... A relative of course but what is now Sec. Dec An_Shaitan_24, 13 years ago, #
Here I am about the same-))) As Stalin said, when one person dies - it is a tragedy. When one million - already is a statistic. alshe, 13 years ago, #
to alshe: And what do you think "The Bear" is cool? The thing that Lenin and Stalin, we had not just the country, was power. Communism was and there was no freedom of speech. Was not all that "dirt" that now surrounds us. Whatever Stalin was, cruel or fair, and so on, country by the rulers of that time (and not just the rulers) confidently stood on their feet. It was his production, it was his gun ... but now what? Some crises. Soon all there will be no resources. and if I put it is not fair, minus, comrades. NCdancer, 13 years ago, #
Confidently stood ... When the entire capitalist world was collapsing around and rot!))) The old fairy tale. Yes, in Sweden or France is now more socialist than ever we had. Just as long as the West developed private capital and international corporations, we at gunpoint was falling apart "people" management. And what we finally arrived? Already in the 70 years the economy of the village on the oil and gas needle, other industries are safely dead. Pre-revolutionary Russia the way took a leading position in the world for industrial and SH production. We are now at Liviii and Honduras's GDP. I'm not a fan of Medvedev, but Stalin - this is bust! My grandmother remembers the collectivization of the Kuban, when not carried out a plan for shooting fists, they decided to shoot those who have new homes built. And her family (and therefore me) save only that the house was not yet delivered (carcass lay in the yard). Cost so that all confiscated and sent to the distant farm to starve to death ... alshe, 13 years ago, #
Yeah. on this subject can be argued endlessly, defending his opinion. all got different ways. who passed and who have suffered. hence the difference of opinion. I think it would be better to close the topic so far behind us decided to do it moderatory.a then dispersed in earnest .=) NCdancer, 13 years ago, #
Each ruler of the minuses, pros. Stalin, albeit a cruel tyrant, but still a country ruled correctly, he created the country. And those that they are now on the contrary the country fall apart. It is not surprising if Russia will soon hand out the pieces An_Shaitan_24, 13 years ago, #
Better Rolls-Royces of any .... Oh yeah. Стэнли Подзабор, 13 years ago, #
already distributed kroll, 13 years ago, #
Cool you sound engines discussed here! Eti, 13 years ago, #
Yes you are right theater AI-20M better than Rolls-Royce, Mercedes Moskvich 412 more a telly "Horizon" with the MPC did not have replacements and all this thanks to slam that Stalin was simply best of the best! Have you ever sometimes think that writing? letun757, 13 years ago, #
Well nifiga compared, excuse me, to hell with your finger. compared to what modern technology with the techniques of the time? at the time and Moskvich was a wonderful machine, and AI-20 engines were far worse than their foreign counterparts. here myself and think. NCdancer, 13 years ago, #
Mercedes and at that time was! So what do you think is better because of the union, on how much we are lagging behind the West? You, once in my life flying the Soviet machine screw and overseas? if so compare as a passenger I can not say as a pilot or an engineer! Before I flew on the 26th An-Kabul-Karachi-Fudzheyro I did not understand why my colleagues called An-24/26/32 / animal and An-12 farm. And now about modern technology comparable to the An-140 and ATR. Or how there day and night praising the Tu-154 and what would it change the oil tank is necessary to remove the engine that's convenience. Why all the solid work is done by helicopters such as Sikorsky, Eurocopter and we are in helicopters Mil, Kamov all the dirty work around the world? I'll tell you how to pilot the Soviet technology was a powerful flying shit and all this thanks to Stalin. Rolls-Royce made by shit. Good thing, they do not see such comment! Being a patriot is another matter, but we should balk at the fact, and not on bigotry! letun757, 13 years ago, #
Solid work is done brainchild Sikorsky because nefig were such geniuses simply reject .. Got Game madara-exgta, 13 years ago, #
Yeah, and thanks to Bora, Vova and Dima domestic appliances practically ceased to exist ... Mitch, 13 years ago, #
Convenience, convenience, and patriotism-patriotism (of which unfortunately I do not have a long time since I have tasted life abroad. Have something to compare. And who also lived in Europe for example, I understand), but because it was the same in the country is something her? Having built the same, to invent, and money to implement a huge stand out. It was something to be proud, and the more expensive. And if it still did not so quickly (if only to get ahead), it would be a comfort and quietness in the cabin and economy better than foreign standards. So it would be all over. And now we have nothing. One "would be" yes "to." Here's how to let a wave of "Gorbachev" with its alterations, and all went on the downhill. Money for nothing stand out, but only in his pockets whistling fly, and if they stand, then again in the pockets of officials and businessmen. That's where we come from. I have nothing against your opinion. Just your products comparison of different time perplexed. =) NCdancer, 13 years ago, #
Keyword - "was". What we can be proud of? Lada Kalina (owners no offense)? Country with the .. ahem .. "dirty streets? Battles in World War II, for which the youth of today just do not care, not just spit, and support of Nazism, racism and stuff? Than we are proud of? madara-exgta, 13 years ago, #
madara-exgta, truth verb =) NCdancer, 13 years ago, #
Yes, I agreed to do aircraft and helicopters allocated money for this but this is not the best that deceived the common people. Built Tu-104 parallel to the shop, so what? He can say his trial took place in the production of something to say Union here we have the world's first jet aircraft and even in the west it is already flying. Not yet ditched the floor union on him, his mind is not brought up. And almost all civil aircraft, first made for the warrior and then set the chair for Paxil and transferred to Aeroflot, which for 70 years brought a profit of 23 rubles. Then there was a policy of the government''SHEPHERD''and''ordinary people''BARAN. What was not then those who could create a normal electronics that as amerikosy would surely have made in these days to mind? 747 The same Boeing who flies just make it day by day more modern or 737 is the same. How it came to our IL-76 and the plane went 7 crew members and each of them when he left, he asked where the toilet? He was at the beginning of the same was done for the warrior that warriors are not human beings could not make a toilet in a big barn? That's how it was done during the union. Pindos still look down on us and although they may not be better than us. letun757, 13 years ago, #
y "Pindos" as you call them, though always a stable country. And what have we? False Dmitry, serfdom, revolution, PMA, WWII, Khrushchev's thaw, alteration, disorder, Chechnya .. the list goes on. Do you think that is why people who lived in Russia, but has moved to America, Germany, Britain, Italy and etc. , Succeed? Yes hardened because there is already with all this, since my childhood went through it all madara-exgta, 13 years ago, #
How about the third time? madara-exgta, 13 years ago, #
And I commend the present life? In all countries of the former Union Broken Ass! This is due to the fact that we have no foundation because of the above such as praise of Stalin and his gang! Then these marauders on another naeb ... Is now a different letun757, 13 years ago, #
где можновзять такой аэродром? ~Anonymous~, 6 years ago, #
Excellent! liked it! Alexdeputat, 12 years ago, #
And what a song is playing "The Ocean, which is called the air? Сокол, 13 years ago, #
The song is called "Heaven", the author and singer Nikolai Solovyov, the navigator, has already left. And his son Sergei, also the navigator, flies in our regiment, continues the tradition of his father, writes and performs songs about aviation. NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
In general, cool airplane! Is he really such a long back? As she just does not outweigh the interest? alshe, 13 years ago, #
A centering for thought over what? )) von_Stierlitz, 13 years ago, #
Yes, it is clear at ... Yet how much should be in the nose of the stuff. It is true there he still bump at the bottom of the equipment, which certainly is not easy alshe, 13 years ago, #
Very beautiful idea came out, especially at the beginning and end of the movie music theme! Thank you! von_Stierlitz, 13 years ago, #
Excellent! Wirth VMA taxis gaa, 13 years ago, #
cool! current where a VC get? on avsime not found please post a ssylochku Dead_Knight, 13 years ago, #
Thank you! Dead_Knight, 13 years ago, #
wow, what a model? SEAMAN, 13 years ago, #
If you are pro IL-38, here in the files is. NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
Th m where it is I missed), thank you) SEAMAN, 13 years ago, #
Great job - and the plane, and the scene, and shooting! Remembered: that's just in the Faroe Islands a couple of IL-38 from the clouds and fell out of our ships were a few times! We were waiting for them and after a lot of work talking about what otchayugi these marine pilots! This is also necessary in some distance flown and found us! dmi-shef, 13 years ago, #
Thank you, Dmitry Borisovich Yes all of us who chose to "defend the homeland, the desperate. Thank you for the ships that you have done at my request for 9ki if they were not, then the plot of this did not happen. NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
The most beautiful work is connected with the desire to fly. Bravo. Excellent movie. UHMA, 13 years ago, #
Cool video and music theme. Basil, a young, you turns out to be the operator is not bad. bazis, 13 years ago, #
Why, Nick, decided to try. NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
! izopark, 13 years ago, #
Loved it! And what a scene is being used? gloryan, 13 years ago, #
Mykolaivka Maritime. NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
Thank you, and tell me where you can download it? gloryan, 13 years ago, #
Yes, as long as that anywhere else. It is still not completed yet. If anything, the personal. NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
Thank you gloryan, 13 years ago, #
Thank you! Nice liked it. Жексон, 13 years ago, #
Super happened! It is with great pleasure to look! Respektische easy! And a huge hello to all Nikolayevka from me;) SkyWorker, 13 years ago, #
Be sure to give! NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
Basil, five of the landing! " Touching just lovely sight! " For video only 4. A lot of static plans. Music on your conscience. Although the theme of "Gypsy" is very well fit into the movie. With the SW. Oleg. Curl64, 13 years ago, #
Thanks Oleg! I fully agree that not all ice, this is my second movie, and with prog still really did not understand. NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
You see, Oleg, I wanted to convey all the feelings and atmosphere that you experience when you fly over the sea, including those at extremely low. NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
We must train in the use of video editing prog, I think. Come and feel the ability to create movies. Direction, design, taste and sense of proportion. It is very difficult and not everyone's strength. someone to fly, and someone to do video))) Curl64, 13 years ago, #
All Oleg, chop me fired. Only Sim left "pants" support)))) NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
Now you from H-ki will leave ... Sorry, but what can you do - life goes forward SkyWorker, 13 years ago, #
Yes Victor, you're right. You already have passed, now it's my turn. NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
Again this stupid GAMECAM! I oprobyval a dozen programs, video capture for games and say that there is nothing better than FRAPS! For penny roll, a special thank you for the music ... Zorgair, 13 years ago, #
Yes, while thrusting with Frapsom not figured out if you help, I would be grateful. NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
So there is no place, and understand everything just because! By later in a personal write! And then with a small walk off! Zorgair, 13 years ago, #
Thank you! I will wait. NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
The most interesting thing that there's nothing worse than Fraps ....))) I did for my FPS ... and put to right as he sits in HD and has no idea! "... Is not it better not ... Where , blah, programmers? Although .... We have an office of 50 people. And yet, even superficially, the disabled ...))) Alvol, 13 years ago, #
1000! NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
well done, beautiful! Please give the name of the first soundtrack!) Zikki, 13 years ago, #
That's the name of the soundtrack of Keiko Matsui - Tears Of The Ocean. If anything, write in a personal and skin. NAVYNK, 13 years ago, #
Very similar to the musical composition "T9 - Ode of our Love" von_Stierlitz, 13 years ago, #
Superbly ... 555555555555555555 FreePilot, 13 years ago, #