UAFG-Chelpon Ata
UAFI-Isfana Karabulak
UAFK-Karakol Przhevalsk
UAFL-Tamchi Иссык-Куль
UAFM-Bishkek Manas
UAFS-Kyzyl Kyia
UAFW-Bishkek Kant
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People, tell me how all the same to solve the problem with taxiing and runway? allser, 11 years ago, #
Solve the problem is not difficult, but boring ... AFKADom find BGL-ku CDS Airports of the script and change the extension such as. Bak, thereby "killing" it (making a backup in case of pre-rollback). And ... disp-nrsk, 11 years ago, #
Thank you! I'll try)) allser, 11 years ago, #
The author scored a readme useless words, and could write what files to be udaleniyu.FPS prosedayut to 10, even in such MVZ no. Disappear, 12 years ago, #
When downloading a flight at any port (except Manas) - a collision! And finally collapsed! VGP, 12 years ago, #
One question-how to do so in the parking lot disappeared H red letters on a white background! help! rescue! Nordstar, 11 years ago, #
With AFKADa ... disp-nrsk, 11 years ago, #
Yes there afkad odin.kak and Tajikistan Владимир Пахомов, 12 years ago, #
How it all to do runway and rulezhki visible? Who turned out, share your experiences! Ramen, 12 years ago, #
Thank you for your efforts! The long waited for, only what files to delete, that all was as it should be? PS: As far as I know the ICAO code of Karakol (Przewalski) UAFP, a not UAFK ... Flanker777, 12 years ago, #
UCFP наверное точнее будет. dimastik, 3 years ago, #
Potverzhdayu existence of problems with the script. Since Kazakhstan has had povozitsya izryadno.Vse came more or less normally after the removal of default files. Put please file names of default for this script to delete. Миль, 12 years ago, #
If the whole of Kazakhstan "is set, all 5 parts, and everything is done as needed (see comments to the file), then in Kyrgyzstan are well displayed. Chaldon, 12 years ago, #
All would be good, but the same problem as in Kazakhstan. Once in the other scenarios do, that they do not conflict with the default. Again runway is not visible. Trees in the air flying, landing gear fails in the lane. Please bring to the mind of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, and the price they will not. And of course vobshe great! Thanks a lot for work. Agat, 12 years ago, #
Here is a huge thank you! Now look ... Димсон, 12 years ago, #
Oooooo! shrubb, 12 years ago, #
Do not show any runway or RD.chto do? ty134, 12 years ago, #
Again, it is necessary to remove something, now I do not remember, as in the scenario "The whole of Kazakhstan." Look there, the five parts. Alternatively, write to author vlichku kodak-75, 12 years ago, #
It shook, but I think work is excellent. As to the obedeneniya in a "whole of Kazakhstan." I would like to see Atyrau (home port) with a new band. And that would VAR plants on 14 or 32, rather than primers 5.Ne to find the cause of this kodak-75, 12 years ago, #