The base model with a lot of air and sea suden.
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The Antarctica Naval Base is the one I flew out of back in 2000. I loved it then and love it now no flights have flew as for yet. My computer is down and getting worked on and update. I'll have it back in about 3 to 4 mouth, my computer guy are back loved. There are not many places that work on computers these days. At around here. Looking forward to be flying out of the home base (Antarctica Naval Base) that I enjoyed flying out of. Thank you for getting it up and running. Brian Gasson ~Anonymous~, 3 years ago, #
Naval suden .... vessel under the beds in the hospital :-). Otherwise, it is not half bad! Pucher, 12 years ago, #
Not suden and ships. MAPC, 12 years ago, #
Please Give: The base of the real or fictional? летун, 12 years ago, #
This - an imaginary military base established for the virtual airline Transload. praga, 12 years ago, #
Zhul Verne in a coffin poperhnulsya. There is not enough just derizhabley and steam locomotives. =Gnom=, 12 years ago, #
aha.vchera obletyval and remembered your slova.ulybnulo :)))) Well nicho a futuristic peyzah still be in the military in such black uniform with a big badge in the shape of wings and fsyakimi blestyachimi things:))) I liked the unusual base a lot of lights and all that .. forward buduscheeeee! )))) TomJT, 12 years ago, #
why to.kak in sight base hits-sim glyuchit.vopros! Сын Пилота, 12 years ago, #
What kind of bugs are due? The script is designed for powerful computers. I have seen only slow drawing buildings facilities, as well as aircraft in the base. (If the maximum traffic). More glitches not seen. praga, 12 years ago, #
How many need a powerful computer? I have no way when not impeded! Not a single scenario. Moreover, neither the memory nor potsessor not overloaded. Сокол, 12 years ago, #
And hell knows ... I flew over the base on a computer with a processor Atlon 2500hr and vidyahoy Radeon 9600. The brakes were, but since this iron very poorly on this measure, I decided that today's players will deliver a good set of brakes. praga, 12 years ago, #
Thank you! roman2030, 12 years ago, #