You submitted to the airport Zarafshan, and missing the drive of airports (also PRSD) in the territory of Uzbekistan and its neighboring states. Installing a standard one: to put the folder UTSN-Zarafshan in the Addon scenery and add a script in the simulator, and the contents of the folder scenery (with missing drives) in the Addon scenery / scenery
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AAAAAAAA ...... Kachan! Not yet watched, but the author of Thank You! I was born there and my first flight was in a life of Zarafshan in Tashkent! I then 4-5 years and the airport, I almost do not remember! Thanks Anton! Zarafshanu hello! Игорек, 13 years ago, #
Thanks Anton. Nakonetsto waited! doomsday, 13 years ago, #