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  1. И снова обновление: 11.10b7Flight Model notes: BATTERY improvement for ELECTRIC airplanes, such as quad-rotors or other e-craft: Open an airplane with an ELECTRIC engine in Plane-Maker. Now go to the STANDARD menu, SYSTEMS item. In that window: Go to the ELECTRICAL 1 tab and enter your battery watt-hours. Go to the LIMITS 2 tab and enter your nominal battery voltage and max amperage… these numbers multiplied are the max power output of the battery. Go to the ELECTRICAL 2 tab and simply drag the curve up and down as you like: This is the available power at each state of charge! Drag the curve to be accurate as needed for your battery. We default to a standard asymptote but you can set as perfect for your battery design. Clearing a flight plan from a plugin now also clears departure and destination airport selections. New dataref requests: sim/flightmodel/engine/descent_speed_ratio float sim/flightmodel/engine/vortex_ring_state float sim/aircraft/autopilot/vvi_step_ft sim/aircraft/autopilot/alt_step_ft sim/aircraft/autopilot/radio_altimeter_step_ft sim/graphics/view/viewport int sim/operation/override/override_ground_trucks XPD-8107 Fixed QPAC panel scroll position (again). XPD-8116 X-Plane crashes when calling GNS430 commands without a GNS430 being installed. XPD-8200 Distant clouds showing in front of plane. XPD-8271 Override to get rid of ground trucks. XPD-8378 Icons don’t appear in OS High Sierra. XPD-8395 Fixed wrong cursor in floating widgets when main monitor is right-hand monitor. XPD-8396 Plugin access to viewport from draw callbacks. XPD-8398 Generic lights bumped to 128, instrument rheostats bumped to 32. XPD-8405 make_panel_previews – crashes with G1000. XPD-8407, XPD-8406 New datarefs for access to prop wash for rotors. XPD-8419 Removed one more instance of forced-focus-taking. XPD-8420, XPD-8308, XPD-8421, XPD-8411, XPD-8475, XPD-8535: art resources updated. XPD-8426 Facade definition crashes X-plane. XPD-8433 Drawing order with clouds in cockpit. XPD-8434 Aircraft menu icons made with 11.10b are too big. XPD-8480 viewing replays where a networked plane with weapons is blown up will no longer crash. XPD-8506 Blue channel in .ter files normal map seems inoperative. XPD-8508 Time to traverse the navigation database now tenfold. XPD-8510 We now make it very clear that launching the installer will quit X-Plane. XPD-8511, XPD-8507 Fix screwy manipulators on b6. XPD-8515 Fix for our internal “short names” for aircraft interfering with lookup of aircraft by full path. XPD-8516 Support for the X-Plane side of forcing even GUI-backed plugins to *ask* for focus. XPD-8521 Directional gyro alignment popup optional. XPD-8527 Fixed log spam from geoid test. XPD-8530 Datarefs to control autopilot altitude / vertical speed steps. XPD-8536 Propeller feather after shutdown when they shouldn’t.
  2. Круто, спасибо за труд!
  3. 11.10b6 выкатили! Release notes: New wake model tweak considers the real thickness and incidence of the foil, not just a 12% (sqrt 0.015) default as was there before. Updated airfoils saved with more accurate data at high angles of attack. New VR-ready manipulators & updated aircraft. Latest ILS data, removes decommissioned ILS at Le-Havre. Fix direct-to function on G430/530 to work like on the G1000. Added support for pro users disabling the framerate and joystick checks at startup. XPD-8360, XPD-8403, XPD-8404 Renamed the aircraft size variables to be more descriptive and fixed the zoom class usage. XPD-8362 Clicking on a “submenu item” closes the menu. XPD-8427 This fixes ADF relative bearing and ADF test mode. XPD-8441 New art control (reno/draw_deer_birds) & reworked programing to place birds & deer randomly. XPD-8454 Now lat/lon points from flightplans are treated the same as XPLMSetFMSEntryLatLon. XPD-8460 Fix for aborted takeoff and ATC wrist slap with fast turbo props leaving KHKY. XPD-8462 Crash moving aircraft far from pre-physics callback. XPD-8472 G1000 GPS menu button crashes X-Plane. XPD-8473 Restored notification about not being able to run at higher time speeds, and disabled the slow sim nag under those conditions. XPD-8474 Fix for Chinese translation being broken in Airfoil Maker & Plane Maker. XPD-8478 Do not do auto-start on push if AI is not driving. XPD-8484 Fix for “Current Assignments” being empty. XPD-8485 Weather vis does not take effect in air if only one cloud layer. XPD-8488 Changing texture quality now warns you you’ll need to restart to apply the change. XPD-8490 Now we have speed for the carrier app every time. XPD-8494 Fix for cases where resizing a window did not trigger a repack.
  4. Да там во всех косяки со стробами и проблесковыми маяками. Проблесковые на многих только на фюзеляже с верху, с низу вообще отсутствуют, а так же частота их работы не устраивает, они как на дефолтной цесне работают. Со стробами тоже непонятно, что Боинг что Аирбас, как то не так должно быть.
  5. Может кто знает чем открыть .obj файл трафикового самолёта и как подкоррекировать навигационные огни, проблесковые маяки, стробы и тд.?
  6. 3.0.7 только что выкатили
  7. Платник - значит платный сценарий, тот, за который надо заплатить денежку!
  8. Я с вами совершенно согласен, надо цвета подбирать более натуральные, но сами понимаете, на вкус и цвет.....
  9. Я думаю это чисто от настройки зависит!
  10. Поспешили, уважаемый. Хотя мои первые впечатления были похожими.
  11. X-Life однозначно!
  12. Не забудте сразу настройки под себя подогнать, а то по дефолту так себе, особенно сглаживание!
  13. После Препара к нему нужно привыкнуть, но привыкнув, я лично в Препар больше не хочу, хотя был большим поклонником, а Х-плэйн не воспринимал вообще как симулятор
  14. Спасибо, desmo ;)
  15. Спасибо, Юта, попробую!