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Я полгода назад уже ссыль на это творчество давал. Всё в таком же виде и осталось.

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Я полгода назад уже ссыль на это творчество давал. Всё в таком же виде и осталось.

Молодец, возьми с полки пирожок.

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Странно, а так долго делали. Серьёзно говнище? Могёт кто купивший запилить обзор?



хотя, чегой то это я...

Developers' Note


  • This product, while finished and released, will not be perfect. There are many areas we intend to improve and issues we will solve. New features, updates, and fixes, potentially excluding product expansions or support for new simulator platforms, will be provided free of charge and promptly. 
    For more information, visit our forums.

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Модельку конечно еще пилить и пилить, но ребята все же на месте не сидят.

Various improvements and fixes

  • [ADDED] Marker indiciation on PFD
  • [ADDED] Ability to hide yoke
  • [FIXED] Course from fix to distance RNAV legs being flown incorrectly
  • [FIXED] Rudder tab not unlocking with low hydraulic pressure
  • [FIXED] Takeoff AFS guidance
  • [FIXED] Fuel not burning correctly under some scenarios
  • [FIXED] A scenario that could cause flaps and/or slats to remain extended despite retracting the handle
  • [FIXED] "NO LOC" and "NO G/S" not displaying correctly
  • [FIXED] PFD indicating FMS-managed VS instead of PROF during descent
  • [FIXED] Takeoff AFS heading selection
  • [FIXED] Left throttle visually controlling both throttles via Aircraft Sharing
  • [FIXED] FMA annunciating "NAV2" when NAV mode was active but AFS was disconnected
  • [FIXED] PROF using AT/ABOVE waypoints as AT restrictions during descent
  • [FIXED] Runway related SID/STAR legs not being included properly
  • [FIXED] Gross weight not updating properly throughout the flight
  • [FIXED] Incorrect ATS thrust engagement on the ground
  • [FIXED] "Plus hundred" callout not working
  • [FIXED] Wind display setting not working
  • [FIXED] Map symbology setting not working
  • [FIXED] Rudder trim green band appearing in air
  • [FIXED] MCDU PROG UFOB always displaying in pounds
  • [FIXED] FSUIPC gear up/gear down assignments not working properly
  • [FIXED] Autoflight overtrimming aircraft
  • [FIXED] Minimums color
  • [FIXED] Improper alignment of GS text on ND
  • [FIXED] Jerky flight director pitch movement in PITCH speed mode
  • [FIXED] Improper handling of cruise altitude changes in flight
  • [FIXED] Right side of left reverser handle being black
  • [FIXED] Reversed animation on left aileron tab
  • [CHANGED]  FADEC and engine response time improvements
  • [CHANGED]  Localizer engagement and tracking improvements
  • [CHANGED]  MCDU keyboard input is now indicated (13 January 2017)


  • [FIXED] Issue during plane initialization that caused the plane to over speed.
  • [CHANGED]  Apparent performance improvements, side effect of the other issue. (11 January 2017)

Various fixes and improvements

  • [ADDED] Database version indication to MCDU
  • [FIXED] Crash when selecting certain SIDs/STARs/ILSs
  • [FIXED] Autothrottle fighting pilot deceleration
  • [FIXED] Incorrect VAPP/VREF speeds
  • [FIXED] Acceleration and climb thrust altitude resetting during climb
  • [FIXED] Crash when reselecting a STAR (or SID) after beginning to fly it
  • [FIXED] Range not setting to 10NM when TCAS mode was selected on the ND
  • [FIXED] TCAS mode inner range ring displaying incorrectly
  • [FIXED] Takeoff trim being improperly calculated
  • [FIXED] One scenario that could cause strange magenta line drawing
  • [FIXED] One scenario that could cause out of range speed predictions in the MCDU (29 December 2016)

Various system-related improvements

  • [FIXED] The default A/T ARM event not resetting flashing ATS OFF message
  • [FIXED] Inability to edit ACCEL height
  • [FIXED] PFD displaying TAXI speed incorrectly
  • [FIXED] Altimeter not responding to environmental factors correctly
  • [FIXED] Fuel used not honoring metric units option
  • [FIXED] Edge case VERT REV CTD
  • [FIXED] FIX outlines displaying incorrectly at certain ranges
  • [FIXED] Tablet clicking not functioning properly for some users
  • [FIXED] Display scaling issues for some users
  • [FIXED] Weather radar returns not displaying
  • [CHANGED] Reversed VS wheel input
  • [CHANGED] Improved FADEC significantly
  • [CHANGED] Improved autothrottle response
  • [CHANGED] The Addon Manager can now load fuel and payload regardless of aircraft scenario (27 December 2016)

Further performance improvements

  • [FIXED] Issue resulting in significant performance loss under some conditions
  • [CHANGED] Optimized internal code to marginally reduce VAS usage (24 December 2016)

An update to solve various performance issues

  • [ADDED] Option for hardware rendering (fixes laggy displays)
  • [FIXED] Possible CTD due to terrain radar
  • [FIXED] Excessive resource usage by weather radar and terrain radar
  • [FIXED] Excessive log generation
  • [FIXED] SimConnect Issue
  • [FIXED] 3rd Party Popup Menu Full Screen Bug (23 December 2016)

Update 2

  • [FIXED] Reversed side slip indicator
  • [CHANGED] Temporarily disabled WXR to mitigate laggy displays (22 December 2016)

Update 1

  • [FIXED] Navigraph database updates not being read (22 December 2016)


Initial release



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В ‎23‎.‎12‎.‎2016 в 14:26, Кусачая_Утка пишет:


Вот так немного полетал. Обратился в paypal за refund.

Ну и как, вернули?

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Самолет "допиливают" неспеша.. Неплохие видео-туторы для летающих на нем:


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