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EIDW - Dublin Airport от Boundless.

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А вот и трейлер EIDW - Dublin Airport от Boundless.

Информация предоставлена https://vk.com/thearmchairpilotsclub






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Boundless Simulations выпустили в релиз сценарий аэропорта EIDW - Dublin Airport. 
Приобрести сценарий за £19.99 можно здесь: 
Список особенностей: 
- Up to date HD Ortho imagery sourced from August 2021; 
- Fully custom terminals, airport buildings and nearby buildings; 
- Partial terminal interiors modelled; 
- Custom 4K PBR SAM Jetways; 
- Custom HD forests and vegetation; 
- 3D Grass; 
- 3D trees (FPS friendly); 
- Custom vehicles (airside and landside); 
- Accurate layout as of early 2022; 
- Fully custom road traffic; 
- Fully custom airport ground traffic; 
- Optional HD PBR static aircraft (FPS Friendly); 
- Fully custom dynamic lighting reflecting real world colours; 
- 4K PBR ground textures including reflective puddles and 'wet look' areas of aprons; 
- Fully accurate ground markings, including accurately modelled cracks / wear & tear; 
- Full Traffic Global compatibility; 
- Thousands of accurately placed objects and textures.
Новость предоставлена https://vk.com/thearmchairpilotsclub

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