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Генуя от BCSeneries

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Довольно известный платный проект сценария итальянского города Генуя от BCSeneries обновился до версии 5.0.

Для тех, кто не знает, проект включает в себя не только высоко детализированный сценарий города, но и самого аэропорта.

Приобрести за $32.00 можно тут:

Больше скриншотов тут:

- 243 square kilometer city of Genova, 850 square kilometers outback of Genova (mountains and coasts). And the international city airport Genova Cristoforo Colombo (LIMJ).
- The city contains hand recoloured ground textures (50cm, 1m/pixels) and is filled of HD landmarks (hundreds of models), the outback contains the hand recoloured ground textures (50cm, 1m, 2m) and hand placed forests, for the buildings in outback, the scenery relies on X-Plane or third party autogen.
- In the city there are 3D modeled residential areas (16.000 buildings). They have generic facades and real roofs (PBR material for the roofs).
- The airport is very high detailed with all HD buildings and architectural complexes. Further there are custom ground services moving near the Terminal. Also in and out the Terminal there are moving (walking) people. I've rebuilded the Terminal that now is updated to the next 2023 year (in real life there are currently works on expansion of the Terminal). In the Terminal there are five autogate jetways (Autogate by Marginal required). The Terminal and the control tower has partial generic prerendered interiors.
- In the city and in the outback there is car traffic on the roads, the 3D modeled elevated roads and the San Giorgio bridge (former Morandi bridge).
- In the city and in the airport there is a dedicated (optional) mesh (the default mesh modified to increase scenery quality - now the scenery features 3D docks in all the city and airport). The mesh is not compatible with Ortho4XP scenery.
- In the Ancient Port (near the Galata Sea Museum), there is a submarine (Nazario Sauro S 518) ultra high detailed.
- Photographic night environment.
- In the city there are thousands of objects like cranes, containers, ships, boats, parked trucks, parked trains.
- In the city there are also the flyover roads with interchanges (with traffic) and the Bridge San Giorgio (former Morandi bridge) with car traffic.
- Sea from photoreal textures.
- Helipads in the airport and in the fair (Eastern of the city).
- High detailed APRON in airport area and realistic grass near the runway and taxiways.
- Changing parked aircrafts in airport.
- Moving X-Plane ground services in the airport.
- Use of PBR materials for the ground textures at the airport and on the roofs of the buildings in the residential areas.
- Static and moving people (with natural movements) in the airport area (especially in and out of the terminal).
- Two good detailed railway stations.
- Realistic and accurate ILS offset of 2 degrees.
- The airport is been tested with World Traffic 3.0.
- Extensive documentation for the airport (by ENAV) and the city (wikipedia). - - Plus some detailed maps of the parkings and helipads in the airport and in the city.

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