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The whole of Singapore, 4 airports across the country + mesh, and much more
→ Size: 27 MB
→ Date: 12 years ago (16.02.2009 22:39)
→ Author: Владимир Пахомов
→ Uploaded by: Владимир Пахомов (uploaded 12 files )
→ Approved by moderator: AirArt
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited Distribution
→ Downloaded: 7010 time(s)
So, sometimes, sitting at work, the height of the working day, when the cabinet is the people, one ear on the mobile, the other for fixed phones, noise, noise, and then suddenly upon thee! - ICQ user by nick Merkus vanities impressive archive. - Volodya, what is it? - I ask. - This is the whole of Madagascar! - Sensationally announced it has with the states that decided to make a good case for simmerov. And some sitting, after that, and feel a complete idiot: a person trying to do something for simmerov, but I'm, you know, sitting at work, x ... suffer. Uran, 12 years ago, #
)))))))) You as always with humor Sergei) Mercus, 12 years ago, #
A poorly done something to sima? And no strangers perekidyvat files to ... makc-sim, 12 years ago, #
Of course weakly) I do not know how to do the scene, many are unable to download scene avsim.kom! A Airport Chang and so on parts need to collect, separate RD tower ... .. terminals and t.d.Esli against you, I can do not put the packages, they will simply disagree on ICQ and so on, so chto.umnee sbda vylozhit.Sam probably downloaded a)))) And give me that! Mercus, 12 years ago, #
and the difficulties in downloading from avsim.kom ???????? share a secret, but the mind, no difficulty is not coming ..... :) RAID74, 12 years ago, #
2Mercus: I have not downloaded the package, such as Singapore, I have a 4 year in Sime is ... And difficulties in collecting parts I do not see any. I would be only "yes", that would be more such packages are not put-meaning zagazhivat faylohranilische when all this "good" is available on other sites? makc-sim, 12 years ago, #
What is your business to a miracle faylahranilischa))) Download 200 people, then there is relevance) So gentlemen go more) I say you no longer will do)) Dosvidaniya! Mercus, 12 years ago, #
As always the only thing that kills in such assemblies, NO ordinary readme for installation! It is not excluded that a lot of "cool" uncles who knows what, where and how, but there are some people who are trying to figure it out! I left the files like there did not seem to go dick knows, but estvestvenno utanovilos crooked and not dick not Th does not work! novus6864, 11 years ago, #
In the presence of direct handles and the ability to search on the forum all placed without problems. Stakan, 11 years ago, #
Thank you! Иван192, 12 years ago, #
Gathering abroad Sasovopilot, 12 years ago, #
ZZITZZ always puts 5! Do you know dear! that if the game you press F3 + Y will be something! and that, to see for yourself! zzitzz, 12 years ago, #
I do know a couple of prikalyuh, even as a break in the bud schedule MFS!, for example, even the default driver will look to the sides! Well, if anyone knows that well done! zzitzz, 12 years ago, #
Share the recipe for overclocking graphics! evolved, 12 years ago, #
I izvenyayus, y + F4 zzitzz, 12 years ago, #
Share the recipe for overclocking graphics! +1 RAID74, 12 years ago, #
guys do not have to send a message about the graphics, let me write something, but I will answer catch ------------------- ------- It is time to make a terrible, - namely, to climb in the configuration files MSFS 2004 and pokopatsya there. Locate and open the file editor fs9.cfg. He will have to search - the game likes to insert this file in the default documents folder Windows. It is time for us to touch the innermost (do not forget to save the backup file). We are looking for the following lines: TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT = 40 disorder. Urgently increase the number to 200 or even 400. This speeds up the drawing of textures, but it requires a powerful graphics card. The line [DISPLAY.Device. (Here is your video card)] writes the lines: TextureAGP = 0 PanelAsTexture = 0 This will speed up the schedule - so reads the ancient wisdom of hundreds of players. Finally, the last variable: TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS = 9.500000 - defines the radius of the detailed patterns around the aircraft. On a powerful system, you can put a larger number. It's interesting: if you propishete file fs9.cfg a variable PAN_RATE = 800, then your virtual pilot's cabin to get rid of old osteochondrosis and bustle screw head. zzitzz, 12 years ago, #
zzitzz, I certainly apologize to you and how many years? Especially smiled: "For example, even the default driver will look to the sides." But rather than tear out chunks of text from the publication of 5 years old and doing this sensation could be a thief and a link​138 suddenly the truth, who finds that new. A citizen Pakhomov, a hello, how you can yaromu all diggers simmerskogo community! Ur friends! PS Vova, plagiarism is bad. Кедр, 12 years ago, #
Cedar - Huge respect for the link! zzitzz - Two for the behavior! tomorrow at school with their parents! RAID74, 12 years ago, #
Not for that, is not an article I wrote. Just amazing my personality, spread other people's work here downloaded from another site, even on his own behalf, waiting in your address good feedback and raduyuschihsya ensure that their file downloaded already 200 people, and getting well-deserved "box" with the words otklanivayutsya : "I say you no longer will do)) Dosvidaniya!" Кедр, 12 years ago, #
I would say to all of you))) Try that next time I write to the author, read at the forty minutes! What would you not say, but the nation swings, and for all .. (still) the fact that you write me) ) pass on gentlemen, do not delay! Владимир Пахомов, 12 years ago, #
KEDR - thanks. Found a lot of new and useful. КурсМП, 12 years ago, #
Все уже отлетали лет 7 назад, а я только полечу! Спасибочки!!! 2018orion2018, 3 years ago, #
thanks to excellent without bugs gorg61, 12 years ago, #
Spasibo.davno waited bob, 12 years ago, #
Brunei - Singapore is not ... Vladdd, 12 years ago, #
Yes there only one port in Brunei is such a pack ... .. I just did not udalyat.tak there and was part of China and America Mercus, 12 years ago, #