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Aerosvit B763, Level-D FS2004 Aircraft Liveries and Textures

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I am delighted to invite you to look liveried Boeing 767-300 Aerosvit Ukrainian Airlines. The aircraft (UR-VVF) is used in prestigious international routes such as the Kiev-New York, Beijing, Budapest, Toronto, Bangokok. Liveried performed in a 32-bit and DXT3, which will use it as a fast computer, and slow. Mild planting!

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→ Date: 10 years ago (12.04.2006 18:05 MSK)
→ Uploaded by: BAW777 (uploaded 1 files)
→ License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
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10 years ago
Beijing is five! Nice Chinese town! Why then not-Neuve Work?
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10 years ago
Zhora you about the work of Arthur wrote that they say does not Kachan, but he at least livery real, and you .. Are you human truth, that there obkurilsya?
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10 years ago
Zhora, itself "5" set, this is not a Good. "Window, I drew from real-side" gygygg, obkurilsya?
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10 years ago
Listen here, this is not peint kit. Window, I drew from real-side (cf. poky windows peint-whale, and I here), all the inscriptions are made the exact font and color Ak AeroSvit dirt exactly how much was in the extreme to me dostpunoy fotke this side. The color of the fuselage is not pure white but that what he is real. But your work - namely, that peint kit, this is like everything you did here - dorisoval logotipchiki which can be downloaded from this forum Here is a link to your "liveried" http:/ /;id=6030 So go sleep
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10 years ago
Automated translation from Russian by Google

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