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25 Libyan military airport scenery. You need other libraries (listed inside) installed for fully functionality. On site: you could find flightplans, and on AVSIM and AVSIMru many Libyan repaints.
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→ Date: 11 years ago (20.03.2011 20:08)
→ Author: Cianofranc
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=)))))))) megakor, 11 years ago, #
I worked there for 2 years - all of Libya along and across the disadvantaged, flew. Gaddafi: suck-no-crap-just one thing I can say - after the bombings there certainly about democracy in the understanding of the NATO countries would be forgotten. Simple Libyans is unlikely to please, I know them well ... zh03, 11 years ago, #
Apparently democratic Europe had forgotten and Lockerbie and 11, and choke on the desire to create with the realties demokratiyu.No so let then do not whine when they blow up buses and metro.Nuzhno will fly to Libya to look at their air base. krivoy, 11 years ago, #
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