Tashkent International Airport Scenery.
The scenery converted from FS2004, therefore some objects have bugs and low quality textures.
At present moment we working on new objects, some of them have already been added.
Photo Materials: Dmitriy Polenov, Emil Galiullin AKA Crocop, Evgeny Vygornitsky AKA Jhenya
- ruscenery
- OpenSceneryX
- Flags of the World
- CDB-Library
- RE_Library
- MisterX Library
- The Handy Objects Library
- 3D people library
- Sam library
- NAPS Library
- World models library
SAM plugin

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Эх если бы еще аэропорт Нукуса сделали бы)) Abstergo, 3 weeks ago, #
Он почти готов, подождите немного. Vitfly24, 3 weeks ago, #
Супер!Слов нет.Удачи Вам! kpv, 4 months ago, #

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