documentary video of the crash of AN-70 at Omsk in 2001
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Thank you for not being abandoned in a field of Anton and not coveted for scrap! I bow to those who contributed to this Anton, and all those on whom it depended. These are people with a capital letter. God give you health and long life! The author thanks for the stuff! Mihail Stepanov, 8 years ago, #
so it frames the restoration or construction? go Google mega1, 8 years ago, #
I understand it on the flight re-glued after the spread? DIREKTOR, 8 years ago, #
In Omsk, the aircraft was restored to letopodobnogo state. At the time of rollout and first flight was the best aircraft of Har-tick to the equipment for 16 years, quite a bit outdated now to upgrade. edcolins, 8 years ago, #
Класс) А с такой музыкой и вдвойне!) DAR, 3 years ago, #
За такой в симе готов и 100$ выложить ))))) Willykurtz, 3 years ago, #
Прекрасный ролик! Ностальгия по временам, когда русские и украинцы многое делали вместе... guest-man71, 3 years ago, #
Может быть из за зтого он и не получился((. serz141975, 3 years ago, #
Почему же не получился, получился. Другое дело, что на рынок такой продукт продвигать в одиночку невозможно. Должен быть большой госзаказ. Выверенный, просчитанный, являющийся частью долгосрочных планов. Заказ на АН-70 сформирован еще во времена СССР. Но сами понимаете, с тех пор воды утекло порядком. И к моменту когда он был готов пойти в серию, он попросту стал не нужен. guest-man71, 3 years ago, #
I remember that morning heard the news that we have dropped the plane ... So wanted to go see his father, but now realized that we would not nearly let a. The idea was that after takeoff denied engines, the aircraft began to deploy in the opposite direction and do not have lasted a couple kilometrov.upali in the chukreevki. glued on the flight and rolled to the military airfield in the heart of the city. Surprisingly, they flew over the city, God forbid, what, half of Omsk would plowed ... thanks for the video)) Neeverhood, 8 years ago, #
And I would be prokticheski in the first row. ((( citrus-94, 8 years ago, #
Almost written by A Stakan, 8 years ago, #
Then it all started with the A400 compare. We Europeans, unfortunately, too vague future developments. But the boom to believe) SkyWorker, 8 years ago, #
Good, emotional video! ((Диспетчер)), 8 years ago, #
As he flew a good airplane. Regarding the A400, so it so much money vbuhali that the AN-70 and never dreamed of. Django, 8 years ago, #
How gently put, but!? Vladimir_76, 8 years ago, #
Super! Denis_B, 8 years ago, #
Years of this machine. glv, 8 years ago, #
All the same, there are people, real intuziasty his case. Given a second life of the car. BlackKSV, 8 years ago, #
And what happened? Write who knows! And odd, I did not realize that it restored?? kirinbai, 8 years ago, #
Very briefly, after takeoff-2x engine failure, without weathervanes, fell in front of him, no one was killed, only fractures, one designer stood in the cabin-head in the dash down-coma. PS-sorry, that ochchchen briefly, there were details on the failures, etc. edcolins, 8 years ago, #
great movie! YAMAL420, 8 years ago, #
Heartily jonny247, 8 years ago, #
Instructive film about how easy to break and hard to build. There are not enough frames of the cab. Thank you very much. DIREKTOR, 8 years ago, #
Ah, good flight! .. qip88, 8 years ago, #
Yes hrenovochto allotment for our shit together and such RїSЂRѕSЌRєS‚ not brought to production, even if now thought better of it, the chance that is, from an Airbus A400 with the problem. Sadly watched this video nagirny_vladimir, 8 years ago, #
this plane to the a400, as zaparozhtsu to Maserati ... fly-max, 8 years ago, #
Free advice: before you write, use the brain! Stakan, 8 years ago, #
positive! At first it seemed to the scrap being taken ... Crimson, 8 years ago, #

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