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Sochi - Vnukovo Tupolev-154 Amateur Video

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Flight "Sochi" - "Vnukovo" at the TU-154 A / K "Russia." Off before the summer. Made a movie about the rest, this is an excerpt from a superposition of additional sounds. Have something like a video (unfortunately the original material is not preserved). It: Sochinsky A / S from the outside, taxiing, taking off, flying over the A / P "Left", MKAD, "Vnukovo". Time 05:01. Permission 352h288. Compress the DivX Pro 5.1.1.

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Видео Ту-154(59 files)
→ Filename: URSS_UUWW.zip
→ Size: 33 367kb
→ Date: 11 years ago (22.05.2005 04:51 MSK)
→ Author:
→ Uploaded by: Misina (uploaded 34 files)
→ License: License file included in archive
→ Downloaded: 257 time(s)
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